In yearbook class…

I’m done everything so studying vocabulary in this class… haha did I mention I’m in grade 12? Yeah, in case the future me is wondering. I’m in grade 12 and this is the year 2013. I will be a 2014 graduate. My fav songs at the moment:

The Fray – how to save a life
The Fray – You found me
Onerepublic – Counting stars
Tired, got only 3 hours of sleep.

…actually I’m starting to believe that I shouldn’t sleep. I might think… well part of me thinks thats ridiculous because I LOVE sleeping and napping. But I feel like during that much time I could be doing other stuff… I don’t know, haha I used want insomnia and my mom told me thats crazy. Why would you want to look tired and sleep deprived everyday? (Hmm good point.) haha. Yeah, I dont know just a thought. I feel like going to the beach. I know its freezing outside and I’ve got a cold. But I wanna go to the beach. I should go during winter break.


Sundays.. I hate sunday

I hate sundays its like pre-monday…
and theres no way for me to NOT procrastinate… My dog keeps barking and im still sick. Her name is Goldie. Like actually. No code name for my dog. I have literally not moved from this sofa (unless necessary) cause im still not feeling too well. Ugh dont wanna go to school…haha anyways yeah too much work to do. k bye

a week before winter break

I should just be sick for the whole week this week so I can have like three weeks of winter break. Haha. Oh lord, I was reading over my previously published blog and theres so much spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Well, to the 10-20 years future me, I want you to know that I am NOT prof editing anything. Also since my phone got updated (to the uglier version), its making weird autocorrects. How ironic. Now, since Christmas is almost here, I want to rant about what a skint person I am. I am broke. I used to work at Dairy Queen (ice cream place) for about a 10 months I would say. It was during grade 10 to 11. I still have the money saved up but obviously its only decreasing since there is no more income. Funny how stressed you can get over the money matter… People (who apparently know everything about life) says that money can’t buy happiness. Uhh I agree but also partically disagree. Clearly, money can’t buy everything, however it does make life easier. So to dear me in the future, what kind of job do you have? I’m hoping at least a job with decent income. I wanted to be a doctor, but I figured that I can’t possibly bare all that responsibility, as a matter of life or death of another person. That’s why I’m choosing to be a pharmacist. The income sounds pretty good and the job outlook for this position is very high. I can help person with medicine (and not have to care about whether or not I accidentally punctured someone’s internal organ. haha. scary). Honestly though, if I were talented, creative or “artsy fartsy” (as my french teacher says), I would probably chose go into Arts or languages if I had the courage. It sounds fun. But sadly, I’m not an “art” person anymore, compared to the person that I used. Back then I used to be able to actually tell the difference between colors. Haha. I personally think that if I wanted to be an art person, I have to be like cheese. Lets name her that. She’s been friends with me since like grade 7 though I knew her before then. She is the most “artsy fartsy” person I can probably name. Yeah, I still remember reading her short story from grade seven thinking she stole it off the internet. I think it was about mystery. Yeah, compared to her, I write like a five year old. How sophisticated am I? haha. Anyways yeah, unfortunately, I’m nowhere close to good as she is so no. I can’t be an art person. It’s so true that if you want to be an art person, you have to have creative thoughts and be good at language and English. BUT I guess I can’t predict the future. Dear future me, you don’t have to be a pharmacist, and who knows maybe you turned out to be an art person like cheese. (What is with these random food code names???) All that matters is that I’m happy (and making decent about of money. hehehehe). Wow, how dumb do I feel talking to my future self? Ew, kind grossed out actually. K bye for now.

At home

I got a boyfriend! just kidding… single…. forever alone yayyy. Wow I still have the energy to joke. I didnt go to school today cause I’m sick. My head is still spinning and my nose feels like a freaking funnel. I didnt go to school  today so I have to wmwrite two quizzes on Monday instead most likely. Great. I hate winter. Why can’t it be summer already. I think I’m going through that weird age where they say in korean “the age when you laugh even when leaves fall”. I laugh at the most unlaughable stuff according to my friends and I also think I got sensitive. Or maybe that depends on people. Someone asked me yesterday why I dont drive even though i have my N. it’s not like I dont want to… I wish they would stop asking me. Im already embarassed by the fact that people talk about it behind my back. I’m ganna stop here before puking on my phone screen. bye

Me in the future, about phones

oh yeah, a kid sat beside me in computer class. I honestly thought he kept, CONSTANTLY talking to himself. A little later, I thought he was asking me a question. In the end I realized he was on his phone with his earphones on. Haha technology these days. I’m so curious what the technologies will be like in about a decade later. I should say that around 2013 we had samsung galaxy s3 or people had iphone 5. Before then people used to have flip phones. They are old and might look really lame for some, and the functions might be slow and difficult, i still think they are pretty cool. I kind of wanted one of the neon colored flip phones rather than the samsung galaxy s3 android. The screen is so big, but now I’ve gotten used to them so much that my ipod seems tiny. What kind of phone do you have now, dear me in the future? I don’t think enough time would’ve past by for like screen to be bleamed out of the phone like they do in the futuristic movies witht their advanced technology and devices haha.

yay… im sick

headache started in block d… I wanna cry. My head is ganna crack opennn! D,: eeek. what did I do today? oh right, I did my math midterm. Honestly hoping that I did good but I dont think I did, since i guessed a few. I hate it when quizzes and tests are out of so little. If theres more questions, the more I can get wrong. I’d prefer that then have only a few questions, get one wrong and drop like 5%. haha. oh ya found out today that someone actually reads my blog… just to let you know IF you are reading this that its boring and waste of time. Really. haha especially you, you know who im talking about. Ill name you Cat. She told me she read my blog and that seriously took me by surprise. This is supposed to be my “journal” for myself in 10-20 years. Cat should read good books rather than my boring uninteresting life events. haha anyways yeah thats that. Oh yeah, clarification, for the lab, im not mad at anyone or pointing fingers to blame someone. Its just me who always get frustrated easily and end up conflicting with someone haha. Yeah, im totally the best partner fyi. I need to calm down. So sorry to anyone who has been and who will be partners with me for labs, it’ll be a nightmare. Anyways feel free finally from math midterm. Now need to study for chemistry woot so excited… *cry* k I need to stop staring at technology, my heads ganna bust open. k bye


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