Last day of school before winter break.

I’m so exhausted, because cake pops are easy but the decoration and dipping them in chcolate and waiting for it to harden. I NEED SOME SLEEL. omg gann dñkhzz ñh


Busy again

I failed my chem test… I’m pretty sure. I was crying on the inside when I was writing my test. No more hope for chemistry. (BUT I ACTUALLY LOVE CHEMISTRY WHAT THE HELL…) Anyways, math test ehh probably failed it too… actually wasnt bad. I dont know. Busy again, 100 cake pops on progress. For Christmas and for friends in my school. I’m actually hoping that snow fall isnt extreme by tomorrow for school to close. Otherwise what am I ganna do with those amount of cake pops?! Anyway, k bye.


okay im walking my way downtown, walking fast and faces past…. yeah no. haha I love that song,

vanessa ??? – thousand miles

okay im walking my way back home right now. So im writing this as I go. (Im not five, I wont run into a pole….or get hit by a car) okay so im really not feeling ready for this chem test on thursday so I was talking to my chem teacher and some other things about my homework. He basically told me what he would probably tell the rest of the class by tomorrow. There will be calculations, graphs, and etc. Basic stuff. Its just the theory stuff that im actually worried about. But honestly its unrealistic for me to convince him if our whole class can take it after winter break. Anyways. How my point. So I’ve decided to give him the code name of pizza. Honestly, if you are in his class, its the best class you could ask for. Work and homework wise, ehhh you have to really be able to stay on task and take time to self learn at home everyday. I mean everyone is supposed to by I procrastinate a lot this year. (haha grade 12 isnt important, so Dee, lets bomb every course.hahaha….*cry*) anyways. My point in saying this is that I feel like he is stressed more than anyone realizes. Because he is so nice, everyone takes advantage of him. We complain a lot more than we should. He is probably one of the funniest and coolest teachers at our school so thats probably why everyone likes him and treats him as a friend. So obviously treating a teacher as a friend isn’t always…hmm…. uhh whats a good word… commendable I guess? I mean you would think any teachers would praise anyone who is very much liked by students… but the thing is these students including myself obv, can take advantage of teachers like pizza. OK lets go to my MAIN point in saying all this. He seems Very stressed. Maybe because I went in after school ended, he seemed extremely stressed… maybe he has a lot of things going on. Actually, I heard another teacher say something to pizza. Nothing bad or anything I think just to mention how he is behind on teaching his class. And he gets stress from students… like me who complain. Our class always complain how we are never ready for a test or quizzes. Actually we dont complain a lot, though we do always end up saying something. Great students we are haha. And we respect him but there are those moments when a few students kinda,… you know piss him off by being just a LITTLE bit rude. And apparently he is stressed about something about his house? I dont wanna go into details because I dont really know. So now I feel bad. and now, I REALLY wanna write that test on thursday. And do really good… though I dont think ill do good if I write it on thursday…I was planning on skipping originally, if I was still feeling unprepared and that way I could write it after winter break. No… I guess I’ll get prepared for thursday. Yeah, why is it that recently I’m never ready to write a test or a quiz no matter how much I study? and I always blame my teachers… I feel so guilttyyyy ekkkkk. Actually only for pizza. Not for my english teacher, I dont understand her at all….Anyways I should take this time to study. kk bye bye

can’t wait until the break

I cant wait for winter break and get away from school for two weeks. Im so not ready for the chem quiz today and the test on thursday. What do I do in a situation like this? I wanna skip. *cry* and I can’t wait to go the beach. I don’t really wanna go with my family. I dont really wanna go by myself either. I dont know what I wanna do when I get to the beach… Hmm maybe I should just drive there by myself… or I should go with a friend. I’m so random. I dont know I just FEEL like going to the beach during this cold winter haha. funny aren’t I?


I slept at 12am yesterday and was going to wake up at 3:30am to study for chemistry test on thursday. I woke up and went back to sleep… I usually sleep for 2-3 hours recently. But no matter how much I sleep, I feel tired. i feel like fainting for some reason today. And right now currently, I’m in my english class. Remember? Grade 12 English first semester? Lets name this teacher freethinker. I don’t necessarily hate her or anything like that. I just loath her for making me hate myself. She’s not mean or evil. She is actually nice, overly nice, and hipster I would say. Hipster as in the way she wears her clothes. Pretty cool. But she is nice in a way that I do not like. Hard to explain, I’ll get more into later on. Do u remember her dear me? I probably do because I hated this class too much.

In yearbook class…

I’m done everything so studying vocabulary in this class… haha did I mention I’m in grade 12? Yeah, in case the future me is wondering. I’m in grade 12 and this is the year 2013. I will be a 2014 graduate. My fav songs at the moment:

The Fray – how to save a life
The Fray – You found me
Onerepublic – Counting stars
Tired, got only 3 hours of sleep.

…actually I’m starting to believe that I shouldn’t sleep. I might think… well part of me thinks thats ridiculous because I LOVE sleeping and napping. But I feel like during that much time I could be doing other stuff… I don’t know, haha I used want insomnia and my mom told me thats crazy. Why would you want to look tired and sleep deprived everyday? (Hmm good point.) haha. Yeah, I dont know just a thought. I feel like going to the beach. I know its freezing outside and I’ve got a cold. But I wanna go to the beach. I should go during winter break.


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