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I love photography so, I’ll post my photos. If not mentioned, it’s probably not my photo but from the internet.

Goldie ♡

This picture makes me so happy. ♡


Boosts my energy I swear. ♡♡♡
Photo credit to my sister. (Who took it on snapchat.)


“Fire lit in the blue sky”

I took these photos just yesterday.
It looked like bright blue sky was lit on fire.
Or looked like the world was set on fire where the blue sky was embracing it…





I think from now on, I’ll just put the name for the photos in the title of the post.

Rainbow photography

I honestly think photography can only get as close to the wonderful scenery. Because in my opinion, its much more breathtaking and beautiful sighting it in real life.

Here’s photos of double rainbows I took like two weeks ago I think.
It reminded me of them today because I saw another one! (Well, this time only a single rainbow.)
This rainbow today was shining on top of this village among the field. Wonder if there’s a pot of gold there…
Though I would say the view was beautiful and satisfying enough. 🙂



wpid-20140930_173608.jpg    wpid-20140930_173606.jpg


wpid-20140930_173419.jpg    wpid-20140930_173409.jpg

Who dyes their hair in their dorm? ME.

I’m guessing usually people don’t dye their hair. Right after moving into their dorms.

Well, I did. I dyed my hair. Three days after moving into my dorm.

First things first, if you’re sharing a bathroom or room with a roommate, let them know you’re dying your hair. If they don’t like that idea, they would probably tell you or say something about it. (My roommate is extremely nice, kind and friendly and she was fine with it. Haha. She said she dyed her hair purple once too!) I dip dyed my hair purple (because I wasn’t happy with the previous colour). Even though I made the shower floor look like I murdered a purple alien, I didn’t worry about it too much. Because the dye that I used is semi-dye. After a few washes, the bit of dye on the shower floor should wash right off. (I knew about this from previous experiences at my house. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it. Especially learning that I would be responsible for any damages done anywhere in my dorm. Don’t want to pay even more for university than I already am!)

So I dyed my hair like I normally would. And I did make a mess in the bathroom, but I cleaned it all up, obviously.

However, from this experience, I advise anyone from dying their hair after moving into your dorms.

If you love dyeing your hair like I do, and have the time for it, go ahead! But understand that dyeing your hair before or after moving into a dorm is more efficient, and from my point of view, more comfortable.

Since the ends of my hair are so damaged to the point where I can’t brush my hair properly, I will be trimming it off during winter break. Then, again, I might dye my hair. Haha.

“Makeup washes off and hair grows back. Life is too short to have one look 😉 

You are in control of your beauty!”

– Michelle Phan

^*nodd nodd* Preach! 😀 ❤

Book and cobweb Photography

I was going to grab some ice cream from the freezer but I realized it was past 7pm already. So I had to grab watermelon slices instead.


I found bunch of cobwebs near the edge of the house, sort of slanted facing the sky (in a way) but those ones were gone before I could take photos. *cries* so I just took the one near the edge of our door.

Sadly, one turned out blurry and the other one turned out a bit darker than I was hoping for. (LOL, I realized it after, when I was moving the pictures to the software.) The first cobweb photo is okay but I don’t really like how I just did the house wall as it’s out of focus point. (As the cobwebs background.)




Photography this morning

Took some photos this morning. Basically random stuff.










Okay these fruit tarts are so good! I’ve been in love with them since middle school when one of my friends offered me one. (Back when I was skinny… *sobs*) I took these actually last night.

I was working on something with my iPad. I won’t say what I’m working on yet, but I’ll post it here soon. (If it turns out terrible, I’m not posting it lol.)

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…
Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference…”

The ring has a quote and even though it was expensive, it doesn’t rust on me like other rings do because of my hand problem. Haha. That’s why I like wearing this everyday. I can leave it on my finger the whole night too. Next time when I earn some money, I want to be buy a wide plain gold band ring. Lol. I don’t know why but I’m not into girl rings. Prefer masculine rings actually… Haha.

And as for that random Mario mushroom, I just found it on the corner of my room so I took a picture of it. I actually find this doll pretty cute.

Theme: Daisies (P.S: I don’t like watermarking my photos…)

set the world on fire

the light that burns for beauty


on edge




mini garden


they can grow anywhere

element of surprise

expecting the unexpected

where love grows

mail box

little love


"we found love in a hopeless place"

nature's beauty

where does it grow?



the one

I was on my way home, walking with my dog when I came across some cute daisies. They were like everywhere so I plucked some. (Sorry!) And I decided to take photos with them because it’s been a while. It’s funny because my neighbor, (this cute little boy) asked me what I was doing. He looked so confused haha. I think he’s in grade two…? Anyways, I asked him if he wanted some photos but he refused multiple times. (Hey, not being creepy because I explained this to my friend. Haha, my neighbors are friendly so I was going to give them the photo if I took any of him. NOT KEEP THEM FOR MYSELF LOL.)

Anyways so that’s why all these photos are daisies. (My other friend thought I was just obsessed with daisies or something haha. Great friends I have eh? Jokes, love them ;D) I took a bunch and I think I like the photo where I used f/stop 1/20 the best. I took these photos during night. That’s why I just deleted the photos that were too bright from the flash because they didn’t look good. I would say I was satisfied with some of these photos. haha.

Oh yeah, and I don’t like watermarking my photos because I don’t know… from my perspective, for my own photos, if I watermark them, they look weird. That’s how I feel. I mean, a lot of people watermark their work for credit. I know a lot of professional and other photographers, when they take their photos, it still looks nice with their watermarks. Hmm…it might be because like my photography teacher says, people tend to be more critical with their own work than other’s. I even tried putting space underneath the photos (like a white bar of space) and putting my signature/initials but they still look odd to me. So I’ll just leave it as it is.

Heavenly strawberry combo

Ta-da! Here’s a photo of a huge strawberry I took near the dining table a few weeks ago. Haha.


Not bad right?? Haha surprisingly it came out pretty nice! I was fooling around at the time saying heavenly strawberry and my sister told me I should go to mental institution… LOL

Okay, I want to write down the heavenly combo in case I reach my like I dont know, 50s(?) and I forget about this. I may or may not have already wrote about this.
(Uh-oh… short term memory loss at a young age…)

Anyways here,

Heavenly combo:
– greek goddess yogurt
– diced strawberries
– honey

That’s it! It’s simplt, pretty healthy and omg its heaven. (Like I said, “heavenly”)
I mean that greek yogurt is high in calories but it’s HEALTHY calories.
Few of my friends say it tastes like cheesecake.
I personally think it also tastes like one of the drinking yogurt I used to drink a lot in Japan. That’s probably why I like it so much. It’s nostalgic and its great.
But this combo is actually to die for. Haha. Just thought I’d let you know dear future.