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At first I thought I was just being a klutz. Like I would forget where I left something like A MINUTE AGO. Then I realized, I feel like I’m also having speech problems…? That’s what it feels like… I feel like I’m having trouble remembering certain words so I end up saying a word that sounds like it. Is it because I haven’t been reading enough lately? Or was I always this stupid? Lol. I know forgetting words and places and stuff, it’s a symptom of alzheimer’s but it can’t be right? It’s all in my head right? I think I’m just thinking that especially because I watched the movie called, “Still Alice”. It’s a really scary if something like that happens to you…

School starts this Wednesday so let’s stay optimistic and read lots! 😀
#andstopeatingnuggetslikeitsfinalsseason #😑 #makehealthierchoices


Orange cheeks

So lately I’ve been into colouring my cheeks orange. I think you’re supposed to do pink or something if you want to look pale but I’ve kind of given up on that. And I felt like orange looked better on me. I feel like it’s also the brush that I use that makes it hard for me to achieve a “normal” or “casual makeup” look. I just use the biggest brush that I have. I don’t have a special blush brush or anything. I didn’t think blush brush could cost like $20 for a decent looking one so I didn’t get one. Maybe after this month’s pay check… Anyways, I basically went from a drunk look to a clown look and after I watched tutorials on YouTube (lol) I think I can draw them… Alright now. Hahahaha. Now, I admit that I like things that majority of people probably wouldn’t. I liked drawing in my cheeks orange harshly along the cheek bone and apple of my cheeks. But I did look drunk from other people’s perspective. It also made my entire face look more big and red. Lol. Afterwards, I drew them only on the apples of my cheek and I immediately changed it up compared to the “drunk” look. This I called it the “clown” look because that’s kind of what I remind myself.  

 And then after YouTube tutorials, I started drawing them lighter and more narrower? I don’t know how to explain. I ain’t no makeup guru. 😑 Drawing them lighter was the best improvement but I also like them harsh because they should up more in photos. Other people might thing that’s weird but I don’t know, I personally think it adds a pop of noticeable colours to your cheek rather than making your face look contoured. 

People who have wordpress

I know three people who have wordpress. Its actually surprising because I thought people didn’t know what wordpress was. Turns out it’s actually pretty popular. Not sure though, one of my friends told me that. Anyways, I read their blogs because the link was on their instagram. Oh man. Their blog posts are beautiful. Their blog posts seem so meaningful and full of …art? It makes me jealous to be honest. I feel bad looking and reading some of mine. Well, to be fair, I’m just writing things to get off my chest and only write when I feel like it. (Actually, their blog seems effortlessly beautiful. I think they’re naturally good at writing.)


Well, but afterall, I have this blog for me. Not for someone else. And I’m not really trying to build an audience. At least I think I’m not? I have my the link to my blog on my Instagram because it looks good. lol. And easy access for myself actually. (Even though I get the wordpress app afterwards.)

Haha, it sort of feels nice to know other people have wordpress though. It inspires me. I actually feel like some of my other friends who don’t have wordpress should get it. I think they’ll be really good at it too. …and I would secretly end up being jealous of them as well… lol.

Finally Friday.

This week felt so long. Too long. It might be because I miss reading break. I don’t think I would’ve been able to go through another day if today wasn’t Friday. I would’ve been a zombie walking around the campus. I have a fair bit of midterms and I’m trying to be optimistic because the spacing for these scheduled midterms are reasonable. I have three midterms next week. (I’m actually happy to write my French midterm because I enjoy French.) And then I have one each week until the middle of March. It’s continuous but there’s a good amount of time in between each one to prepare for them.

Also, the amount of sleep I get is not ideal and I feel like I’m forcing myself to eat. I’ve lost appetite I think? Before continuing on, I need to say these are not bragging rights. Honestly, I kind of feel ashamed for not being able to take care of myself properly. Another thing to fix this year. Yay. Sleeping schedule, I can fix it easily when I am home. And honestly, I feel more awake when I get 5 hours of sleep rather than 7. And when there’s days when I haven’t had enough sleep, I can take a power nap… or like an hour nap. lol. As for my appetite, I know I need to eat. It’s essential (obviously). So there’s a lot of times I don’t want to eat but I eat (haha) so it feels like I’m forcing myself to eat. Although it’s around the same amount that I normally eat. Maybe I’m getting tired to campus food, or I’m just too lazy to eat. When I say I lost my appetite, it sounds something serious more than what I actually mean. haha. Anyways, I get yogurt, I get fruits, soup, drinks, I eat variety of nutritional things. (And also junk food, depends.) My point is, even though I don’t have an appetite sometimes, I eat because I know I need to and it’s unhealthy if I don’t. It’s just a bit frustrating why I don’t feel hungry or crave anything recently. It’s weird.

*Goes back to eating 10000 kg of food when going back home* AHA

“Money Suit Social Experiment” By Coby Persin

Video by Coby Persin.

(Disclaimer, I do not own this video.)

Here is the link to his youtube channel! 

I found this on facebook because one of my friends liked it. (Yes, I know I should be doing my homework and or studying, but I just logged onto facebook without thinking…like always.) Now, before I say anything else, I just want to say, there might be people who may argue and say that there are other factors that would’ve effected this social experiment. True, very true. For instance, the people shown in this photo might have taken the money to pass it onto someone else. Or perhaps they took it because they actually needed it despite the fact that they look successful. OR Coby Persin, the youtuber who made this video could’ve just taken footage that he liked and put them together to make it seem like something even though it wasn’t.

Yes, there’s different factors that could have contributed to this social experiment.

However, I am willing to believe that this video made by Coby Persin is real as it is and honest as it is. (Come on, even though it’s the internet and you shouldn’t believe everything, I’m willing to trust this guy.)

Well, to get to the point, there’s people who take the money from him that was taped onto his suit. He was most definitely HOLDING A SIGN that said “Take What You Need”. There’s a few people who pass by him in the street and grab a fair bit of money. First of all, there’s people who take the money and DON’T EVEN SAY THANK YOU. I’m sorry but am I the only one who noticed that? And the first guy that’s shown says how it’s free isn’t it so why shouldn’t I take it? Sir, did you read the sign that he was holding? It said “Take What You Need”. And I am pretty furious with the lady who takes like ten bills for her “nail appointment.” Lady, I’m sorry you have to hear it from this 20-year old but you need to know the difference between NEED and WANT. Because I am pretty sure nail appointments don’t belong in the list of “NEEDS” section. Here, let me even teach you in french since I actually learned it recently. “Avoir besoin” is NEED and “Vouloir” is WANT. (They need to be conjugated though…) There’s also a person who takes the money but decides to put it back because he says he actually doesn’t need it.

The real reason I’m writing this blog is because of what I watched near the end. There’s a guy with his dog who takes two(?) bills. Coby asks him if he is sure and doesn’t want anymore for the the day after. The man says that he just wants to get some food for himself and his dog and Coby should give the rest of the money that’s left on his suit to other people. No joke, I cried. Someone who doesn’t seem to have much he needs (which wasn’t a lot) and has the heart to think about other people. Coby being the gentleman, he gives the man sixty dollars anyways just to make sure he and his dog doesn’t have to starve the next day. The video ends with a quote, “You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”

I thought this video was very meaningful and it was a nice reminder to everyone out there.

But who knows, I might be a hypocrite since I might have taken money too if there was a man  with a bunch of bills taped to his suit, despite the fact what was written on his sign. I want to believe that I wouldn’t have done the same as those people who’s faces were blurred. I hope I know that by now. I mean, I already know that giving is better than receiving. And my father told me that he wants me to get a good job and become rich. Not so I can show off or live a very luxurious life, instead to give and help others who are less fortunate. I think I already live a luxurious life. Not because of the money or anything, (I’m in debt because of university, I’m broke. Haha) but because I’m already surrounded by people that I love and by people who care about me. I had to learn that the hard way. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is a very cliche yet very very true quote.

I admire the man with his dog… And Coby of course.


I personally think there’s no denying that snow is beautiful. Frozen crystals piled up making everything in scenery look brighter and whiter lol. I hate a love/hate relationship with snow because even though I absolutely love taking photos in the snow, love playing in the snow as well. However, it’s FREEZING OUTSIDE when there’s snow, and most importantly it is potentially dangerous on the road. (Which is my biggest concern for people in the winter.)

So whether it snows or not, it’s a good thing… I guess? (Well from my perspective.)

What did you daydream about today

Oh woah daydream? Hmm… I was in the library studying for the midterm. I guess I daydreamed about paying off my student loans? Haha ohhhhhh and going to Bahamas. I saw a few pictures of celebrities on instagram in Bahamas and made me really jealous. I want to work so I can take all my family (INCLUDING MY DOG) to Bahamas. Turns out the cheapest to the capital of bahamas is around $1000. So that much per person. (Can I even…like…actually…like…bring my dog???) Hahaha. I must sound crazy but SHE COUNTS AS FAMILY OKAY. I think I can work and get us there for a family trip. The only problem is that doesn’t cover hotel fees and like food and I’m not sure if we would even be able to go because my parents probably have to work… hmmm… but I feel like it’ll be possible. Or I want to go there with my friends!!! And then maybe instead I can take my family to Hawaii. Or perhaps somewhere my PARENTS want to go. ♡ honestly just want to travel everywhere and even places I can’t pronounce.