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nihon go :D

Muka (ムカッ)


╬ or 💢 ← 「ムカッ」の印




Okay, so this symbol 💢 or ╬ is actually like a angry symbol.
It’s found especially on the characters, cartoons, or drawings to express the emotion of the individual. Haha just like the cat picture above, which I just got on the internet.

I don’t know, I was looking at emojis and realized maybe foreign people don’t know what it is. Which is a bit awkward on my part because in wrote this symbol to some of my friends. (I don’t know if they knew what it was, or what it stood for, or perhaps they ignored it because they already know I can be a bit crazy. Hahaha.)

I sort of wrote in Japanese because I realized that (must’ve gone through an epiphany) I didn’t want to forget Japanese. Definitely not!

That’s why I made a new category for this blog. It’s called Japanese.
From now on, I will write in Japanese now and then. When I feel like it.

( ̄▽ ̄)