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Kakaotalk emoticon


This emoticon is so cute.
It’s from an app called Kakaotalk.

Literally describes my dorm life as an emoticon character. It’s free for 30 days. So I’m spamming or sending messages with this to my family on kakaotalk.

(By the way, this emoticon is from a valentine section.)

So adorable hahahaha.

Fire drill part 2

Had the fire drill again this term.
Today actually.

This time I was asleep. I wanted to train myself to (lol train myself…) wake up at 7 am from now. But woke up at 7:10am (or around there) and fell back asleep. Must’ve been because I took a nap yesterday after all my classes because I was feeling more fatigue than usual.
Anyways its frustrating because I KNEW WE WOULD HAVE THE FIRE DRILL THIS WEEK. And can’t believe I wasn’t awake for it especially because of Mt embarassing PJ too. I had time to quickly switch my pants though. The jacket I wore wasn’t big enough to cover my blue polka dot pajama top. Wahh. Embarassing. And I had ointment from the night before on my face so I thought I looked greasy but it wasn’t so bad when I checked in the bathroom after.

Anyways, that’s how my day is starting for today. Will be in my first lecture in about 30 minutes. K bye for now.

Wrong style of egg

Wahh 😭

The chef mixed up my order with someone else’s.
I ordered scrambled egg. But got sunny side up(?)
Everything else is good as always though. I didn’t see it because I also went to get some strawberries. (I think it might be because watermelon season was way over, they don’t taste as good as they used to.)

Wahhhhhh 😭

I don’t order sunny side up because I actually don’t like the taste of yolk (the yellow part of the egg… Had to search it up to make sure I was right.)
I can eat it but I just don’t like the taste and the texture of it. That’s why I always mix it with the white part of the egg to get scrambled or omelette. Because when you do mix them together, it doesn’t taste like yolk anymore.

I only order breakfast from the cafeteria because it’s good and I’m probably not interested in lining up for anything else or likely got tired of anything else because I ate too much of it. Otherwise, I go to the salad bar or grab a pre packed sandwich. Hehe, so I exaggerated with the crying emoji haha so I actually really don’t mind. This is the first time it happened anyways.

Oh wait.

Maybe that’s why the girl behind me was looking at my container.
Oops. Sorry, I failed to realize that. I should’ve asked her if she wanted to trade the eggs. (But then again that sounds a bit weird. Doesn’t it?)

…can I imagine myself asking if she wants to trade the eggs back and fishing the egg out with my fork.

Yeah. I think I can. Lol but I think that would’ve been embarrassing. (I probably would’ve popped the egg.)

Ehh on the other hand, I got to try a different style of egg.
I think I’ll stick to scrambled egg though.
And to the girl, I’m sorry about that, I’m actually known to be pretty dense and slow at realizing things.

Procrastinating for posts because almost suffered a heartbreak

Huh, five days since I last wrote on my blog.
That’s not too bad. Haha.
But I think I’m going to procrastinate a bit more.
Hey, unpacking, not sleeping for four fours and moving around, andddd I just suffered a mini heart attack.
I found out (or at least thought,) this guy that I liked had a girlfriend.

Yup, his name is Alex Holtti.
Famous kid on vine. (He is hilarious.)
He posted a YouTube video titled, “Meet my girlfriend” and my heart sank.
Well… Actually, not really. I just thought, ohh that sort of sucks.

I don’t know, I don’t never obsess with someone to the extreme. I don’t know how people do it. It’s awesome. Why can’t I be crazy obsessed with someone? (…actually… Technically, I already am, I love Ariana Grande. OMG her voice, and she’s so prettyyyyyyyyy. I always thought she was pretty before she debuted.) Lol anyways, so solute to all those obsessively supportive fans.

Turns out, his “girlfriend” was net flicks. (Net flicks is a monthly paid program where you can watch movies and videos.) hahahahahaha.
I was suspicious when he said there’s no talking and mostly consists of him starting at her for hours. LOL. That would’ve been a bit creepy if it was an actual person…

I think this beats the record for me liking someone famous this much.
Haha, well, aside from Ariana Grande of course. Hehe. (Her voice is amazing okay.)

Haha, but in all seriousness, I just want to delay a bit with more posts because I also want to sort the photos that I took with my friends during the trip in LA.

Also, I wanted to enjoy relaxing during the trip instead of focusing on posting about the trip daily during night. Haha.

Anyways, going to grab some ice cream and sort photos. (Oh! And I need to categorize all my posts from the past. I want to keep them organized.)

Forgive me dear future me. But I’m going to post about it later anyways. Haha. It’s all good.