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Breakfast over desserts

I used to like desserts more than any meals. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Now I think I like breakfast more than desserts surprising. Now now, that doesn’t mean I no loner like desserts lol. Ganna have those sweets haha.


Midterm every week this term

As you know, I’m into my second term of my first year in university and it’s interesting to know that I’ve got midterm every week (except reading break). Fortunately I’m taking four courses and it actually isn’t as bad as it sounds. It helps me not procrastinate and stay at a steady paste for studying my materials. (Well sort of… at least more than I ever was I think… I hope Haha)

Looking into summer school and stuff too. But for now I’ve got a chemistry midterm coming up on Monday. And I thought I would write a post since I’m sort of in the cafeteria waiting for my vegetarian pizza. 🙂

Wrong style of egg

Wahh 😭

The chef mixed up my order with someone else’s.
I ordered scrambled egg. But got sunny side up(?)
Everything else is good as always though. I didn’t see it because I also went to get some strawberries. (I think it might be because watermelon season was way over, they don’t taste as good as they used to.)

Wahhhhhh 😭

I don’t order sunny side up because I actually don’t like the taste of yolk (the yellow part of the egg… Had to search it up to make sure I was right.)
I can eat it but I just don’t like the taste and the texture of it. That’s why I always mix it with the white part of the egg to get scrambled or omelette. Because when you do mix them together, it doesn’t taste like yolk anymore.

I only order breakfast from the cafeteria because it’s good and I’m probably not interested in lining up for anything else or likely got tired of anything else because I ate too much of it. Otherwise, I go to the salad bar or grab a pre packed sandwich. Hehe, so I exaggerated with the crying emoji haha so I actually really don’t mind. This is the first time it happened anyways.

Oh wait.

Maybe that’s why the girl behind me was looking at my container.
Oops. Sorry, I failed to realize that. I should’ve asked her if she wanted to trade the eggs. (But then again that sounds a bit weird. Doesn’t it?)

…can I imagine myself asking if she wants to trade the eggs back and fishing the egg out with my fork.

Yeah. I think I can. Lol but I think that would’ve been embarrassing. (I probably would’ve popped the egg.)

Ehh on the other hand, I got to try a different style of egg.
I think I’ll stick to scrambled egg though.
And to the girl, I’m sorry about that, I’m actually known to be pretty dense and slow at realizing things.


Lately, I’ve been hating myself for wasting money on food. Not because of buying food, but because I can’t seem to finish anything anymore. Thats why I end up throwing it away. Even the small portions seems to fill me up. And I hate the fact how I can’t seem to like new things or be able to eat certain things.

First, I hated myself for eating too much. Now, I hate myself for not being able to finish my food… feel terrible for people who can’t afford food. (I’m so sorry…)

Wish I was more healthy…

Breakfast at Starbucks


So I finished all my midterms! (Yay finally!) I had nine midterms this term because there was two midterms for each course except for English.

First year taking sciences.
Remember how stressful it was? Haha.

Anyways, today…- no, yesterday, I decided to go downtown for a day. When I got up this morning, I got ready and took the bus just a bit past 9am. I wanted to come early to take pictures because it’s really pretty. There’s like a lake with sand on the other side so it looks like a really nice beach. (…or maybe it IS a beach… haha not quite sure because I don’t come out too often.) But after I finished taking pictures, I wanted to walk around and walk into the stores nearby. Turns out they were still closed because it was too early…

Although I took some pictures, I didn’t like the lighting because it was too cloudy. I was hoping for a bit of sun shine too. The lighting here gets perfect at around 4pm. (Figured that out now thinking about it ahaha.)

The only place that was open was this stores selling vintage clothes (too much for me to afford,) and a bakery store. I went into the bakery store and got some macaroons and a chocolate mousse. (Couldn’t resist despite the fact I told myself not to spend too much on food.)

I wanted to eat breakfast because I was hungry. I didn’t really want to eat macaroons (or chocolate mousse) for breakfast so I went into starbucks to get a latte. However, I completely forgot that they sold breakfast sandwiches so I got that too.

I got “classic sausage” and it was pretty good! Egg, cheese, and sausage sandwich combo is perfect for breakfast from my option. Hehe. But I think my appetite got smaller this term because after I finished the sandwich, I was REALLY full. It was very filling than it looked. So currently, I am sitting here waiting for my breakfast to digest while writing on my blog. Haha. Its really nice being able to take the time to relax and enjoy myself. Not ideal like Breakfast at Tiffany’s but close enough, and good enough for me. 🙂

(I found out that starting sentences with “so” is incorrect and informal in writing. Aha, learned it in English. And it’s funny how many mistakes I’ve made throughout my blog. There’s so much grammar and spelling mistakes. Although I know how to spell, sometimes it’s the auto correct that corrects “wrongly”. Oh, and I’m not supposed to start sentences with “and” either…oops. I’m also getting off topic again….)

I told my mom that I had breakfast at Starbucks and she told me she doesn’t like sausage. (Haha, I know mom.)

I think I’m going to head back out again. I see a book store right beside starbucks. (Ooh! I see sale signs!)

I’ll likely post more photos of the scenery that I will be taking today,… and food hehe.

In line at Tim Hortons at 10:46am

My friend’s sister told me pumpkin muffin is really good, so I am in line to try it. Didn’t think the line would be this long. (Even though several people have warned me that in the mornings, tim Horton line is pretty long. Coffee. No explanation needed haha.) We even have a live streaming camera on campus for the purpose of looking at the line up in Tim Hortons. It’s taking a while. Probably will try to avoid coming to Tim Hortons for coffee… or anything else. Otherwise, I’ll just check the live streaming camera on computer so I can come by when the line dies down. Haha.

Greek yogurt cheesecake parfait

Four midterms are coming up faster than I can count myself to sleep. (Eek!) In addition, I have a research paper to hand in that week.

So I’ve been trying to be a bit more careful with my calorie intakes, since I basically shut myself in my dorm and sit or lie down all day and night studying or doing homework. However, I’ve been craving sweets since yesterday and today I decided to grab a mini-overpriced-yogurt-parfait.



When I read the label, I was like, “Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Parfait”? Woah, sounds so awesome. Its like 290 calories(?) And this was $4.75. That’s not cheap. But I don’t usually buy these stuff from the cafeteria so I decided to try one today. I was actually debating between this and $2 jello. (OMG, still hungry…) Anyways! I love Greek yogurt and I love cheesecake and crushed oreo, so in the end, after walking around in circles, and going back and forth like a maniac, I decided to grab this. It tasted pretty good! Except the crushed oreos didn’t live up to my expectations… they tasted moist rather than crunchy. Should’ve predicted it because it was in the fridge beneath all that yogurt. Haha.

Anyways, it was a good mini dessert! Still complaining because it was over $3… *mumble mumble*

…now I feel like grabbing jello. Uh-oh.

Last weekend with new friends

I was able to meet new people or friends last week thanks to this street fest event. I also went with my friend in the building. It was honestly so fun, just being able to meet and converse with new people. And everyone was sweet. I’m posting this now because as I was organizing my folder in my phone, I saw the photos that I took when I went to the beach with them. It was so pretty hehe. So here it is.



Now, you’re probably thinking photos of me with my new friends would’ve been nice.

I’m not really the type to take photos with people I just met.They were all nice and kind! That’s why I didn’t want to risk the chance of doing stuff like that and freaking them out.

I was just preserving the moment. Don’t see the point of proving anyone that I met new people… haha.
(Although next time when we meet again and all get together and become better friends, I would like a photo. That would be nice. 😉  )

And omg, a culinary program booth was giving out free food. Ice cream creme puffs. They were so cute. Haha, delicious and simple bite size. (Although my friend thought it was pretty big.)


I would like to blog a but more but for the time being, it doesn’t seem like I would have time.

(What? How can you not have like five minutes to blog?)

I need all the time that I have for studying for all my courses. It’s not as hard as I imaged to be, but it still requires a LOT of work and studying.
As I am writing this, I am sacrificing my sleep. So I shall go to bed now. Zzz.

Would definitely blog a lot more for winter break and once the midterms are over! …I would hope.