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I will post all my makeup or beauty products I either liked or knew existed and is worth being remembered within the future

Argan Wear BB cream


I had a picture of this because I got it from Target when it was like 50% off or something and I needed new BB cream. It surprisingly matches my skin color well (?) And I like the smell of it. When they say BB cream, usually they say it will blend in with your skin color. But I always think it never TRULY matches it even if the BB cream color is close. But really, I genuinely like this BB cream.
(Okay now I can delete this photo from my phone. I deleted an app on my phone and tried to install it back, but told me I had “insufficient space”. Sooooo that is why I’m going through a bunch of stuff to delete…lol)


Urban Outfitter’s ans Brandy Melville

Lately, I’ve been liking the clothing stores Urban Outfitter’s and Brandy Melville a lot. However, I must admit they are expensive. It may not be much for others but personally, I don’t think it’s very cheap. The quality of them seems worth it though. Still, I am a skint university student (lol) and I choose to go to the clearance/sale section first. Sadly brandy melville doesn’t have sections like that from the store I go to. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with window shopping. It gives me ideas and designs. So that I can buy something similar to it from the other store. IF I like them. (DIY)

I think I started liking Urban Outfitter and Brandy Melville especially because of their instagram feed. They always post such nice pictures. Yeah. I think that’s what got me interested in their store more. Wow. That advertising though. Sure did work it’s magic on me.


I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but I am absolutely in love with tapestries. They are designed fabric/blanket that you can use to hang it up on the wall. But honestly, they can literally be used for bunch of other stuff. You can use them for a picnic table, scarf, beach blanket, cardigan (?) Haha. (I’m definitely going to use it as cardigan because it gives that bohemian look. Although it might be too big actually…)
Basically though, it is mainly for wall hanging. Decoration for your room. I finally ordered one online!


Disclaimer. Photo from Urban Outfitter’s website.

It’s really expensive. Luckily, I found it for a much cheaper price online elsewhere! DON’T YOU THINK IT’S BEAUTIFUL? LIKE I CAN’T EVEN.
But seriously, it’s been trending at a few places and I got interested and BOOM. I fell in love with them as well. From what I believe (don’t quote me on this,) I think they are originated from India. Mine is shipped from India. ♡ Hehe.
I’m probably going to purchase more in the future. I already want this zodiac designed tapestry as well. Lol.
But maybe next time because tuition payment comes first.
Gonna save up some money.

Hair before and after

I got my hair done yesterday!! Haha, to be honest, I don’t think I’m totally in love with my ambrè because my hair is now short. The hair stylist was wonderful and really nice though! Besides, I wanted a bit of change. I was getting bored of the same hair. (Well, different colours of dip dye but still a DIP DYE. Lol)

Its also been a while since I’ve had my hair not trimmed and just cut (like linearly if that makes sense.) My hair is thick so I don’t like having my hair too long or NOT getting trimmed. So I think I might go get it trimmed in about a month.

In addition, its only hair, they are going to grow anyways. Haha. Besides, my split ends were REALLY bad. Now that there’s less hair, I seem to be shedding less. Hahahaha. (OMG I’m a dog.)

So here is my before and after photo.




I’m thinking of growing out my hair and keeping this hair for a while. Maybe for one or two years? Depends on how fast my hair grows. And then I might want to dye the ombrè parts of my hair grey. Then after that, perhaps back to turquoise or a different colour. Hehe.
I know I want black hair with tint of blue for sure, so I’ll probably, most likely get that done during my lifetime.

Haha, I know, already have my hair style all planned out.

…even though my life really isn’t quite planned out yet like my hair is… *cries* hahaha

Who dyes their hair in their dorm? ME.

I’m guessing usually people don’t dye their hair. Right after moving into their dorms.

Well, I did. I dyed my hair. Three days after moving into my dorm.

First things first, if you’re sharing a bathroom or room with a roommate, let them know you’re dying your hair. If they don’t like that idea, they would probably tell you or say something about it. (My roommate is extremely nice, kind and friendly and she was fine with it. Haha. She said she dyed her hair purple once too!) I dip dyed my hair purple (because I wasn’t happy with the previous colour). Even though I made the shower floor look like I murdered a purple alien, I didn’t worry about it too much. Because the dye that I used is semi-dye. After a few washes, the bit of dye on the shower floor should wash right off. (I knew about this from previous experiences at my house. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it. Especially learning that I would be responsible for any damages done anywhere in my dorm. Don’t want to pay even more for university than I already am!)

So I dyed my hair like I normally would. And I did make a mess in the bathroom, but I cleaned it all up, obviously.

However, from this experience, I advise anyone from dying their hair after moving into your dorms.

If you love dyeing your hair like I do, and have the time for it, go ahead! But understand that dyeing your hair before or after moving into a dorm is more efficient, and from my point of view, more comfortable.

Since the ends of my hair are so damaged to the point where I can’t brush my hair properly, I will be trimming it off during winter break. Then, again, I might dye my hair. Haha.

“Makeup washes off and hair grows back. Life is too short to have one look 😉 

You are in control of your beauty!”

– Michelle Phan

^*nodd nodd* Preach! 😀 ❤

Hair colours I want

Am I up? Maybe…
Haha, I’m just going to post the photos of hair colours that I want for later on.




































I’m really liking the greyish blue. I also like the lilac colour. My hair is currently green (one of those photo is a picture of my hair! Haha. Yeah, that photo, that’s what my hair looks like.) I also want to dip dye my hair just grey. I think it looks pretty cool! Hahaha.

I especially like the one with black hair with tint of blue. But at the ends, it’s a dip dye of like grey or greyish blue.

Omg, so much different colours, and multiple colours I want. Hehe.
Can’t wait.

Although I don’t even know when I can dye my hair again especially when I start post-secondary.

I guess no way to straighten MY hair without a straightener

It doesn’t really say how you can straighten your hair without a straightener. It just says to shampoo and condition your hair. Then brush it and let it dry.

Sounds easy.
But probably not with my hair.
My hairdresser (the person we usually go to, lol) said I have naturally curly hair.

Apparently. I thought I had straight hair.
Few years later, I realized she was right and eh- wrong.

I would say my hair is semi curly. Lol does that make sense?
Like when I wake up, half my hair seems straight but my other side of the half has a weird, uneven curl around the ends of my hair. Besides, when I put it in a bun before going to sleep, my hair ends up looking like a poodle in the morning when I remove my hair tie. Haha.

ANYWAYS, since I like my hair straight than curly, I’ll probably try and wake up and shower.

Coach and Tommy Hilfiger

Two of my favourite places that we’ve been to were Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Coach was having a 50% off entire purchase with additional 20% off of the clearance items. Talk about a sale! However, I wasn’t really looking for any bags at the moment. They had a lot of pretty ones, even though my aunt said they had better designs in the past.

Tommy Hilfiger on the other hand, I had a lot of things to look at. I was literally shuffling through the rack. But, the thing is, Tommy Hilfiger is a brand and they don’t sell the cheapest items. However, when they go on sale, (or at the outlets,) they become affordable.

I saw a bunch of v-neck sweaters that I completely fell in love with. BUT, I decided to go get them when I had some money in my wallet. Besides, I didn’t want to spend too much because me and my friends were going to LA soon! 😀 so pumped for that.
(Although, I didn’t spend a lot of money at this store called Ross… Haha…)

Which reminds me, these brand models were so beautiful.
I ALWAYS look at the brand posters because it’s interesting to look at okay.

I was hoping to see Emma Watson’s face on a poster somewhere like Burberry, but didn’t see any. 😦

However, I did see Cara Delevigne! 😀 haha