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“Money Suit Social Experiment” By Coby Persin

Video by Coby Persin.

(Disclaimer, I do not own this video.)

Here is the link to his youtube channel! 

I found this on facebook because one of my friends liked it. (Yes, I know I should be doing my homework and or studying, but I just logged onto facebook without thinking…like always.) Now, before I say anything else, I just want to say, there might be people who may argue and say that there are other factors that would’ve effected this social experiment. True, very true. For instance, the people shown in this photo might have taken the money to pass it onto someone else. Or perhaps they took it because they actually needed it despite the fact that they look successful. OR Coby Persin, the youtuber who made this video could’ve just taken footage that he liked and put them together to make it seem like something even though it wasn’t.

Yes, there’s different factors that could have contributed to this social experiment.

However, I am willing to believe that this video made by Coby Persin is real as it is and honest as it is. (Come on, even though it’s the internet and you shouldn’t believe everything, I’m willing to trust this guy.)

Well, to get to the point, there’s people who take the money from him that was taped onto his suit. He was most definitely HOLDING A SIGN that said “Take What You Need”. There’s a few people who pass by him in the street and grab a fair bit of money. First of all, there’s people who take the money and DON’T EVEN SAY THANK YOU. I’m sorry but am I the only one who noticed that? And the first guy that’s shown says how it’s free isn’t it so why shouldn’t I take it? Sir, did you read the sign that he was holding? It said “Take What You Need”. And I am pretty furious with the lady who takes like ten bills for her “nail appointment.” Lady, I’m sorry you have to hear it from this 20-year old but you need to know the difference between NEED and WANT. Because I am pretty sure nail appointments don’t belong in the list of “NEEDS” section. Here, let me even teach you in french since I actually learned it recently. “Avoir besoin” is NEED and “Vouloir” is WANT. (They need to be conjugated though…) There’s also a person who takes the money but decides to put it back because he says he actually doesn’t need it.

The real reason I’m writing this blog is because of what I watched near the end. There’s a guy with his dog who takes two(?) bills. Coby asks him if he is sure and doesn’t want anymore for the the day after. The man says that he just wants to get some food for himself and his dog and Coby should give the rest of the money that’s left on his suit to other people. No joke, I cried. Someone who doesn’t seem to have much he needs (which wasn’t a lot) and has the heart to think about other people. Coby being the gentleman, he gives the man sixty dollars anyways just to make sure he and his dog doesn’t have to starve the next day. The video ends with a quote, “You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”

I thought this video was very meaningful and it was a nice reminder to everyone out there.

But who knows, I might be a hypocrite since I might have taken money too if there was a man  with a bunch of bills taped to his suit, despite the fact what was written on his sign. I want to believe that I wouldn’t have done the same as those people who’s faces were blurred. I hope I know that by now. I mean, I already know that giving is better than receiving. And my father told me that he wants me to get a good job and become rich. Not so I can show off or live a very luxurious life, instead to give and help others who are less fortunate. I think I already live a luxurious life. Not because of the money or anything, (I’m in debt because of university, I’m broke. Haha) but because I’m already surrounded by people that I love and by people who care about me. I had to learn that the hard way. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is a very cliche yet very very true quote.

I admire the man with his dog… And Coby of course.


Clothing vs. Ice cream

Have you ever thought or calculated how many ice creams you can buy from a fast food restaurant

IN COMPARISON to an expensive article of clothing?

I have.

Yes, I know it’s embarrassing but seriously… think about it.

You grab the price tag from a sweater that was admirable from a few distances away.

Then, you realize it’s $140.

(Let’s just say a scoop of ice cream is $4 at most.)

With $140, you can buy 35 scoops of ice cream.

Damn, that’s a lot of ice cream.



Imagine how many people you can feed with 35 scoops of ice cream.

Imagine how you can feed 35 scoops of ice cream to people who can’t afford food.

Imagine how many people could afford a $140 sweater.

Imagine how many of those people would buy that $140 sweater.

…and yet imagine how many of those people wouldn’t think twice about donating a single dollar to those who can’t afford a single scoop of ice cream.

…Do you see where I’m going with this?

[NEW!] “Do you ever wonder…” category

I keep making a bunch of categories and never post anything in it…

hopefully as a fresh start of this year (2015) I will work and make sure to post as often as I can.

(And I realized I still have a lot of grammar and weird auto-corrects…[yes, I blame auto-correct])


this category is for the purpose of me writing things that I wonder and think about. Because I think about the most random things and I thought it might be interesting to put it out there. Since there are thoughts that I come across anyways.