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Honestly don’t know what this category is myself. LOL, just challenging stuff that occur or occurred in my life I suppose?? Because everyone has those days..? hahaha

Detriment of being a pessimist

I would define myself to be more of a pessimist than an optimist. Sadly. I believe that in general, everyone is a bit of both. We’re all human. We all have ups and downs. However, in my case, I’m a pessimist more than a optimist. I envy those who can constantly have a positive mind. But like I said, (okay, this is getting repetitive…) everyone is a bit of both.

Okay, the reason for this post isn’t because I wanna discuss how everyone is an optimist and a pessimist. I wanted to write about my exams. Wtf, how does that relate to being a pessimist?

Ever since I’ve entered post-secondary, I got a new perspectives on taking tests. In high school, I only saw it as a way of testing whether I’m smart or dumb. (In some cases, just if I could memorize information or not.) Not much honestly. Well actually yeah but different from now. Now, I see them as whether or not I can make a difference in someone’s life. (Wait what.) Yeah, I see them as determining whether or not I can save someone’s life. Call me crazy or psychotic if you will, but that’s sort of how I came to see things. It’s just an exam, not rocket science. Exactly! I have these thoughts where I think if I can’t even do good on an exam, how exactly I supposed to know how to build a rocket in the future? You know what I mean? …I realize the more I get into this, the more I actually really realize how crazy I am. I kind of hate myself for thinking like this. Just study hard. But I don’t even know what it is that I don’t get. I need to change my study method.



Lately, I’ve been hating myself for wasting money on food. Not because of buying food, but because I can’t seem to finish anything anymore. Thats why I end up throwing it away. Even the small portions seems to fill me up. And I hate the fact how I can’t seem to like new things or be able to eat certain things.

First, I hated myself for eating too much. Now, I hate myself for not being able to finish my food… feel terrible for people who can’t afford food. (I’m so sorry…)

Wish I was more healthy…

Craving food when I should be sleeping (some of my favourite food)

It’s past midnight and I’m craving these foods.


This is ice cap ice cream with brownie mix in from Coldstone. Omg, it’s so good. I think it tastes less sweet than the double double coffee ice cream that I usually get.


Takoyaki. I love this. It’s like my childhood goodness right there. (Lol, I had it since I was little so it’s nostalgic too.) One of my friends said he doesn’t like this and I just gasped in disbelief. Haha.


Spicy sake (salmon) chirashi. I just had this today for dinner.
hahaha. I was full when I shared this with my sister but I’m already craving it again.
(Wait must I always be starving during night?? This is how I gained weight…*cries*)

It’s like sushi rice, salmon sashimi, lettuce, with special spicy sauce. It’s like heaven in a bowl.


This is butter beer. It’s one of the special drinks in Starbucks. You have to order it specifically. Here’s the recipes:

This is for the Starbucks drink Grande size.
*Ask for a Creme Frappuccino base. Don’t skimp on the fat by asking for skim or 2% milk as whole milk is required for the right consistency
*Add 3 pumps of caramel syrup
*Add 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup
*Top with caramel drizzle

When I first had this, it was great! I loved it actually. But the second time that I got it, it was like a diabetes in a cup. I think it might be because when I first got it, the person who was making my drink put less syrup by accident then the recipe I showed her. That’s why I probably thought it was perfect. The second time I got it, it was wayyyyy too much caramel. (Funny, because I’m actually not the biggest fan of caramel.) I was literally drinking caramel syrup. That’s what it tasted like. If I do happen to go get it, I’ll probably instruct the barista to put in less syrup this time. (Maybe less caramel syrup. Hahaha.)


Why am I so hungry?? Ugh
I can’t eat either because I’ll just gain weight.

Maybe the reason I can’t sleep is because I’m always hungry 24/7.


I made me laugh.

Saying goodbyes were never easy…

One of my best friends remarked today, “Wow, we suck at goodbyes.”

It’s so true…

Today, another one of my friends, (best friend actually,) left for a vacation. Well, technically he didn’t leave yet because he’ll be leaving tomorrow.

(Oh wait, 3am, nope, he’s leaving tonight. Haha.)

I might or might not see him again until Christmas time because I’m going a bit far away due to the university that I’ll be attending.

When you let that thought sink in, it’s so upsetting.

Especially when you don’t have a proper goodbye.

But what is a proper goodbye anyways??

Haha, who am I kidding. I was never good at goodbyes. I was the one always pretending everything was fine.

But seriously, after I started listening to the song “kaeru basho” by Aoyama Thelma, it hasn’t been as hard saying byes.

I said bye to one friend who left to Korea, and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to one of my other close friend who is on the cruise at the moment, and she’ll be going to Hong Kong right after. (I’m not sure when she’ll be back so there IS a chance that I might see her. Hoping, with fingers crossed.) As for this kid we said goodbye to today, he just left.



This idiot just heads out of the mall and walks over to a car. Just waves, goodbye.

While all of us are just left standing there looking a bit traumatized. LOL.

A bit.
Just a bit.


And among one of us, he looked like a pufferfish for like a minute. Hehe.

This is so depressing. Omg. Haha.

Instead of saying goodbye all at once, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to each and everyone,


It’s like slowly peeling the bandage off my skin rather than ripping it off at once. Just like quickly. (Bandage? Too weak to describe how I feel. More like freaking duck tape. Hahaha.)

Anyways, I’m really going to miss this kid…

What am I ever going to do after leaving everyone in like a few months?

Dun dun dun.

Bleaching my hair


This is a before photo of what my hair looked like.


THIS is an after photo of what my hair looks like now.

It was a messy process but it was alright. To be honest, I don’t love this hair, but I also don’t hate it either.

Here’s the steps of procedures that I went through… Basically…


First, I split my hair into two section by parting my hair in half right in the middle. Then I made two pigtails tied with elastic bands (which I cut later on).


I got the bleach ready, and all the essentials right in front of me on top of the newspapers. Also, got TWO, not one, but TWO pairs of plastic gloves.

Omg, the bleach at first was okay, but later as I was basically piling them on top of the ends of my hair, I could smell the harsh chemicals up my nostrils. I had to take a few seconds to breathe fresh air. Or at least room air that is if it makes any sense haha.


I placed the aluminum foil underneath. Then I just scooped some bleach and stroked it through the ends of my hair. (This was easier than putting bleach on the comb and brushing it through.)


Then wrapped parts of my hair with the chemicals with the aluminium foil. If I didn’t want to wait for like 20-30 minutes for this, I could’ve heat up the aluminium foil along with my hair with a hair dryer but nahhh. I had time and patience… (Surprisingly for once. I was skeptical and wanted to be accurate with the process anyways.)


Washed it with warm water and shampooed (shampooed…is that a word…? Lol…) the ends of my hair. And agin, washed the shampoo off.


Then I CUT MY FREAKING HAIR BECAUSE I WAS SO TIRED AT THIS POINT! Ahhhhhhh! Hahahaha. Jk jk. I cut off the elastic bands and washed my hair more thoroughly to get all that extra shampoo off.


After drying it, this is what happened. This is the colour it turned out. Well, at least for my hair. By the time I was drying my hair, I could already tell the tips of my hair that I bleached was already dead. It literally looked like a small bush or bunch of crowded small branches. LOL.

Anyways, there you go. My hair bleach that I did like two days ago. So exciting eh? Haha I don’t know, I didn’t really know what else to blog about. So there’s some random things I did back then. Do you have your hair dyed at the moment dear future me?? Hmm, black hair with a tint of blue sounds nice too if you haven’t already tried that. It doesn’t too crazy either. Doable at an older age. Just saying. Haha.

K need to sleep now. Goodnight.