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Todays adventure (Formosa Tea Cafe, Pandora, Chapters)

So I woke up at 7 am this morning. I felt terrible. I was still coughing and oh my lord, a bump formed beneath my eye. It doesn’t hurt a lot or anything but it does sting a bit whenever I touch it or rub my eyes. Hopefully, it will go away as soon as possible.

I was debating whether I should go out to the mall to check something out or not. I had actually wanted something from pandora, because I sort of fell in love with it when I went shopping around my university for the first time with my roommate. Its a ring that costs $50, which is obviously, not cheap. However, considering the fact that I have Palmar hyperhydrosis, and the fact that its sterling silver, it seems worth it. I am usually more into masculine rings than an average girl’s flower, pearls, and or cute diamond rings. But this particular ring that I saw at Pandora is really nice. I actually tried it on today. BUT, decided not to buy it today because apparently, they will be having a promotion/sale soon. And it will go on until Christmas starting next week. So technically, I have a lot of time. Besides, I want to earn money if I can before that since I am in university after all. I might need to save the money I have for other stuff while I am on campus.

So, I got up out of bed, got ready rapidly, realizing that the bus arrives in like five minutes. I sprinted my way down to the bus station on campus. (I legit flew down the stairs… person behind me probably thought I was crazy. Haha.)

I arrived to a cafe place called “Formosa Tea Cafe” where they sell organic drinks. I walked in but they said the pearls would take about 30 minutes so I told them that I would be back. I ate breakfast at the mall and looked around. Oh yeah! Got three nail polishes for like $6 because they were doing a closing store sale. Then walked back to the cafe. Waiting more than 30 minutes for the pearls, TOTALLY WORTH IT. These pearls taste really good! And I guess its because the drink is organic, I don’t feel gross. The drink definitely tastes organic. (It might be because I was extremely hungry when I was in LA before walking into Urth Cafe, I don’t think any place can beat that. But Formosa tea cafe drink still tastes good! Makes me not want to go back to non-organic bubble tea places…but then again, I’m hungry all the time…sooooo… haha)

Anyways, I ordered Green milk tea but I think the person misheard me for milk tea. Because I don’t taste green tea. Doesn’t matter though because I plan on trying as much popular drinks first anyways. In addition, this place sells teas. Ahhhh! ♡

I will go back and forth whenever I have time to try new teas from here. And oh my lord, they have Davids Tea in the mall around here! ♡


Anyways, this milk tea (?) is good and tastes organic for sure. (Like I already said. Lol.) But if you don’t like the taste of tea, you may not like it as much as I do. But hey! Try something new right?

Oh right, and I also bought an organic rose bud tea bag while I was at it. It looks beautiful. (I’m going to take a better photo of this and post it later… or not. We’ll see.)

And I also went into Chapters and saw bunch of tea cups and other culinary sets.



And hey! Saw the book that I got recently!


You know, the book of awesome that my grade nine English teacher read to me every week before the start of class. My “awesome” category is actually inspired by this book.

Anyways, I was waiting for the bus for like 15 minutes and was on the bus for about 10 minutes I would say (?) but I’m near my destination, so I’m going to stop here now. Soon as I get to my dorm, back to studying. (….yay….)

*cries internally*


Got the book!

Went out and got the book today! Just a while ago actually.


I read only a few pages so I’m not going to say much but so far, I’m liking the book! Haha.

Like auntie said, there’s a lot of sense of humour.

“Break Up Bible”


Okay, the title already gave me the “hahaha what?” impression when I first saw it. However, since the book was bright pink and stood out, I thought I would give it a try. (You know, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Although I already did…)

I finished it in a day and that’s a miracle. I’m an extremely slow reader too. Surprisingly, I was hooked to this book that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

Sadly, because I haven’t been in a relationship, I don’t exactly know what it is like to “break up”. Although being broken hearted is something I may or may not be able to relate it to. (I liked this kid in elementary for three years, confessed twice, got rejected, and blah blah blah.) However, I thought the book had a lot of cliche. For example it says how being broken hearted hurts, feels like you’re dying, and can’t stop crying. Nothing that was really unexpected I thought. The plot was interesting though! Worth reading it.

Now, I’m not really the type to pick up or even read books sorely based on romance, but it was a good book, I must say. Next I need to read some books that I got from the library. And…


(Lunar chronicle series by Marissa Meyer, I’m totally in love with it. My friend first recommended me this science fiction book and it became my favourite series of books.)

Haha, I’ll be reading a fair bit over this summer.