Nationality Game

Okay. 4% battery, let’s go.

I didn’t realize why asking nationality was a problem until like last year. And I’ve been experiencing it a lot now especially because I’m meeting new people (3% now). Asking me where im from is totally fine. It’s just it becomes a problem when it’s followed by insulting questions. Especially if it’s like “No where are you really from”, it’s almost as if you’re trying to make me feel even more foreign or I guess, make me feel like I don’t belong where I am??? And usually asking someone about their nationality, I personally thing it’s fine as long as it’s not asked when we meet for the first time. There’s literally so many other things you can ask like what school I go to or sum. Just as long as it’s not insulting questions that follows after like “Omg I heard you guys this there, but we don’t is it true.” Every culture is different. So please respect it. I know there’s some of you who are really interested but instead of feeding off your curiosity, if you really want to get to know that person, save it for later on. Cuz I think they would appreciate it more if it’s brought up naturally. Or they might even bring up the subject themselves if they feel like you are a genuinely nice person. 🙂


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