Late at night

I feel like I have the most to say when it’s past midnight. I’m not sure where these thoughts or ideas come from. Maybe adrenaline? Like I was thinking about a strange dream that I had last night. Can’t say it was unpleasant though. Oh and my grammar. I had a dream about my grammar too. Haha I’ll write about those two later on.


New years resolution left on draft

Lol, I realized I left my new years resolution post as a draft and never got to finish it. I will sometime this week hopefully.

And another thing. I know that back then, I said I would stop posting irrelevant or short random blog posts. But I think I changed my mind. Because I feel like those are some of the things that makes me, well… me. It wasn’t significant but something I thought it was worth writing, though it may not seem much. And honestly, I think those short 2 or 3 sentence or few word blog posts were what kept me coming back to write about my day and what was going through my head for this blog. Because it was just easy and comfortable to write those things, though it may have been insignificant. I enjoyed the times I wrote like 3 posts in one day, with each post being only about a sentence or two long.