At first I thought I was just being a klutz. Like I would forget where I left something like A MINUTE AGO. Then I realized, I feel like I’m also having speech problems…? That’s what it feels like… I feel like I’m having trouble remembering certain words so I end up saying a word that sounds like it. Is it because I haven’t been reading enough lately? Or was I always this stupid? Lol. I know forgetting words and places and stuff, it’s a symptom of alzheimer’s but it can’t be right? It’s all in my head right? I think I’m just thinking that especially because I watched the movie called, “Still Alice”. It’s a really scary if something like that happens to you…

School starts this Wednesday so let’s stay optimistic and read lots! 😀
#andstopeatingnuggetslikeitsfinalsseason #😑 #makehealthierchoices


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