Orange cheeks

So lately I’ve been into colouring my cheeks orange. I think you’re supposed to do pink or something if you want to look pale but I’ve kind of given up on that. And I felt like orange looked better on me. I feel like it’s also the brush that I use that makes it hard for me to achieve a “normal” or “casual makeup” look. I just use the biggest brush that I have. I don’t have a special blush brush or anything. I didn’t think blush brush could cost like $20 for a decent looking one so I didn’t get one. Maybe after this month’s pay check… Anyways, I basically went from a drunk look to a clown look and after I watched tutorials on YouTube (lol) I think I can draw them… Alright now. Hahahaha. Now, I admit that I like things that majority of people probably wouldn’t. I liked drawing in my cheeks orange harshly along the cheek bone and apple of my cheeks. But I did look drunk from other people’s perspective. It also made my entire face look more big and red. Lol. Afterwards, I drew them only on the apples of my cheek and I immediately changed it up compared to the “drunk” look. This I called it the “clown” look because that’s kind of what I remind myself.  

 And then after YouTube tutorials, I started drawing them lighter and more narrower? I don’t know how to explain. I ain’t no makeup guru. 😑 Drawing them lighter was the best improvement but I also like them harsh because they should up more in photos. Other people might thing that’s weird but I don’t know, I personally think it adds a pop of noticeable colours to your cheek rather than making your face look contoured. 


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