Goldie and the Baseball

When I went on a walk with Goldie on Friday, we went to a park. I live near it. So when we went, there wasn’t anyone in the field so I let my dog off the leash. She’s obedient and comes when I tell her to come (most of the time). And especially because no one was in the field but me and Goldie, I was less worried. But when I let her off the leash, she immediately spotted a baseball. I told her no but she grabbed it anyways. I even told her to drop it but she just munched on it. And whenever I tried to steal it, she would run away. Lol, after a while though, I caught her and threw the baseball across the field. Made sure to put her back on the leash before I threw the ball. I should bring our own ball when we go to the park again. But the thing is, she never brings it back to give it to me.



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