The girl

Turns out the girl I was critizing in my previous blog is my age. And older by like few days. Lol. She looks rich. And also turns out she has a lot of subscribers and followers. I’m actually surprised because I thought she was a lot younger.

Something else I forgot to mention in that previous post, few of my friends told me they wanted minor plastic surgery. If that’s what they want sure but I personally told them they shouldn’t get it because they are actually already pretty. And it could be dangerous ans it costs a lot of money too. But it’s your life, you should do whatever you want. Okay now I’m being repetitive. I’m just trying to emphasize on it I guess. If people tell you shit, just ignore it because it shouldn’t bother you. Unless it’s your healthy that’s being affected. Then those people you think are telling you shit are actually nice people trying to help you because they’re concerned.

…now I sound like a therapist. But for real though. Okay. Bye.


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