Being a critic

I watched a youtube video for a product review where this young girl among her friends, (most likely younger than me) got lip injections. In the video she said she stated that in her previous videos, she said natural is the way to go or something like that. BUT, she was saying how that’s what she said although she is also all about whatever makes you happy and her lip injections made her happy.

This made me scratch my head. Of course it’s her life, and I totally agree with the part where you should do whatever makes you happy. And here’s what I think. If you’re doing something that truly makes you happy and that’s what you want, you should easily be able to ignore those people who say otherwise. For example, I wanted to be a pharmacist back then. I actually used to have a really close friend who told me that sounded like such a boring job. But I didn’t really care because that’s what I, Me, Myself and IIIIIIII wanted to do. (Lol)
Now, I’m not sure what I want to do (thinking maybe pharmacology instead of pharmacy though).

Anyways, the moral of this post is, that girl who said two things, be natural and be happy, I admit I’m sort of criticizing her for saying two things. Because when you say you should do what makes you happy, and then saying that alone is good. But when you go and change your natural looks and encourage other people to be natural, that’s when I feel like this girl is being a hypocrite. And I’m not sure she realized that.

I think doing whatever makes you happy is AWESOME whether or not it’s natural. But preferably I personally hope people chose to stay natural because honestly, and I really mean this, a lot of people don’t realize how much better looking they are than they realize. And realistically, no physical appearance is going to fix your shitty personality. PERSONALITY is number one! I’m telling you people! (Or maybe I’m telling myself that because I see hope in myself LOL)

I feel like it happens too often especially in social media. I wish a lot of people would say things they ACTUALLY mean. Like there’s these young boys who say things like “stay true to yourself because your beautiful no matter what” and the audience swoons. But the next thing you know, this “kid” ends up being arrested or ends up being caught trying to rape someone. I’m actually not naming anyone in particular but I feel like it happens often, no? Because I see it too. I see these news and gossip on social media.

I think taking anthropology class really helped me look at things from different perspective.

Okay, so now I’m going to citize myself. When I say natural, others might not consider that natural because technically putting makeup on is not “natural” either. And I never really spoke out the truth or say things I really wanted to say on the spot because I was afraid of the backlash and “hate”. So I can understand those people on social media who don’t say anything negative. But at the same time, those who tend to make things more positive than negative to gain attention when they don’t really mean it, kind of makes me cringe.

I want to RE-state it for the girl. Overall, plastic surgery, lip injections, cosmetic surgery and all else, if YOU truly desire them and you know that they will make YOU happy that’s great! YOU’RE doing it for yourself, not for anyone else. Not because someone made fun of you and it bothers you, not because some stupid asshole on the internet stated your “flaws”, and not for the attention of someone else, NOT FOR ANYBODY ELSE BUT YOURSELF. But chosing not to do any of these can also potentially make you happy as well. And most likely, you’re actually pretty cute in the skin you were born in (and good personality? A+!) Hey, I’m just thankful I was born okay. So preferably, for my opinion, staying natural is great too. And more preferable in my opinion.)

I feel like I can actually go on and on and on and on about this but I’m ganna stop here and sleep now. Good night!


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