Oops (bus incident)

Literally that’s all I can say. I had  a drink with no lid because the place I got my drink from, they didn’t have the clear plastic cups for the cold drinks. So they gave it to me in a hot drink cup. So because I wanted to use my straw, I couldn’t get a lid for it.

And turns out I wasn’t allowed on the bus because I didn’t have a lid for it. And the bus driver told me that I had to throw it away or I would have to wait for the next bus. So that’s what I’m doing right now actually. At first I was a little confused why but he stated that, “well that’s always been the rules.” And I asked so he could clearly explain to me why I had to have a lid. And he said it’s because it could spill on someone. So after stepping off the bus I checked the rules for food and drinks. It said that all food and drinks be closed to keep the bus clean. Not going to lie, I’m kind of mad at myself for not realizing something so obvious.

Here’s two things that I’m frustrated by,

1) The driver could’ve told me in a nicer tone. (Well since he didn’t that’s why I actually asked why not having a lid was a problem.)
2) I think I was upset possibly(?) by the fact he assumed I wasn’t mature/old enough to handle my own cup of drink
from spilling.

Well, he was doing his job I guess so I understand that. Its such a nice day outside today. It certainly didn’t ruin my day but it made a little bit upset. I mean I’m going shopping to buy my friends birthday present after all. 🙂


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