I should delete some categories and organize this blog. I want to change it to a different theme but I also want to leave it like this because this one has a lot of different features and varieties of stuff I can do to it compared to other one.

Thursdays. I start from 8am to 3:20pm with one 30min break. Its like high school so I thought is better because I can get them over with and the fact that they are all back to back is great. But a day like today where I had a midterm in the morning, its tiring. There was a girl in my class, with a cute Spanish accent (?) who I was talking to during discussion time and she said she had five midterms this week. One midterm each day. Thats crazy. She said the ones at the beginning of the week was okay but then as the week progressed, she said it got worse. I pray for her omg. It should be illegal to have to write five midterms in one week. I wrote four finals in a week and I thought the institution sucked the soul out of me. The weather was really nice today which was great. So glad the weather is nice these days because gloomy weather really ACTUALLY affects my mood. Oh and I forgot to spell receipt. I spelt it as recipt. Ha, I always have spelling problems. Especially when youre trying to write down thousand pages of notes when youre professor is saying ten thousand different things in the speed of light. Hope the weather is nice again tomorrow, but this time warmer. *insert smiley face*

…why dont I just use emoji. šŸ˜Š there


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