Such a funny weather…

That title. Yes. I mean it literally. (The weather is telling me knock-knock jokes.) Just kidding.

It snowed on Tuesday for like a few hours. And then it was a gloomy weather before the weekend and now it’s all sunny. Not complaining. Actually so thankful. Since the weather is so nice, I feel much more energized. See? Thats the thing about spring and summer. I like summer a lot better than winter because it isn’t as depressing. And other reasons too… I’m like a cat. Or a plant. Ehh I like cats but I’m allergic. So plants. I can photosynthesize. Yayyy. But seriously though, this is why I always try to sit near windows. Even if it’s raining, or snowing during the day, the sun is still there and I need that sunlight. Now I sound crazy. Cool. Okay. Bye.


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