I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been feeling more stressed lately… And no, it’s not because I’m taking 6 courses this term. (Even though i should’ve just taken physics last year.) I like most of the courses I’m taking right now anyways. I seem to just get tired or exhausted more easily… it’s getting harder to stay optimistic.

And recently I feel even more uncomfortable when someone is in my personal buble. … Touching my hair and singing in my face is really getting on my nerves… if it continues, I’m going to have to tell her to stop. I give her hints that I don’t like it. Is it not enough?

And one of my other friend in my physics class, he doesn’t really seem to care about education. By that I don’t mean he doesn’t try. I feel like he cares too much about his grades but doesn’t care if he’s learning…? Did that make sense? For instance he ONLY tries to get professors known to be easy. And I felt a little bit upset when he mentioned that he lied about volunteering. I sort of laughed it off. But for real. I think he doesn’t care about volunteering at all unless it benefits him in some way and that really offends me. What a pity. He feels no passion for these kind of experiences. I’m mean for saying this but I’m glad to say I don’t sit with him as much as I used to.

Writing this, I feel less stressed. Thanks WordPress.


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