People who have wordpress

I know three people who have wordpress. Its actually surprising because I thought people didn’t know what wordpress was. Turns out it’s actually pretty popular. Not sure though, one of my friends told me that. Anyways, I read their blogs because the link was on their instagram. Oh man. Their blog posts are beautiful. Their blog posts seem so meaningful and full of …art? It makes me jealous to be honest. I feel bad looking and reading some of mine. Well, to be fair, I’m just writing things to get off my chest and only write when I feel like it. (Actually, their blog seems effortlessly beautiful. I think they’re naturally good at writing.)


Well, but afterall, I have this blog for me. Not for someone else. And I’m not really trying to build an audience. At least I think I’m not? I have my the link to my blog on my Instagram because it looks good. lol. And easy access for myself actually. (Even though I get the wordpress app afterwards.)

Haha, it sort of feels nice to know other people have wordpress though. It inspires me. I actually feel like some of my other friends who don’t have wordpress should get it. I think they’ll be really good at it too. …and I would secretly end up being jealous of them as well… lol.


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