Finally Friday.

This week felt so long. Too long. It might be because I miss reading break. I don’t think I would’ve been able to go through another day if today wasn’t Friday. I would’ve been a zombie walking around the campus. I have a fair bit of midterms and I’m trying to be optimistic because the spacing for these scheduled midterms are reasonable. I have three midterms next week. (I’m actually happy to write my French midterm because I enjoy French.) And then I have one each week until the middle of March. It’s continuous but there’s a good amount of time in between each one to prepare for them.

Also, the amount of sleep I get is not ideal and I feel like I’m forcing myself to eat. I’ve lost appetite I think? Before continuing on, I need to say these are not bragging rights. Honestly, I kind of feel ashamed for not being able to take care of myself properly. Another thing to fix this year. Yay. Sleeping schedule, I can fix it easily when I am home. And honestly, I feel more awake when I get 5 hours of sleep rather than 7. And when there’s days when I haven’t had enough sleep, I can take a power nap… or like an hour nap. lol. As for my appetite, I know I need to eat. It’s essential (obviously). So there’s a lot of times I don’t want to eat but I eat (haha) so it feels like I’m forcing myself to eat. Although it’s around the same amount that I normally eat. Maybe I’m getting tired to campus food, or I’m just too lazy to eat. When I say I lost my appetite, it sounds something serious more than what I actually mean. haha. Anyways, I get yogurt, I get fruits, soup, drinks, I eat variety of nutritional things. (And also junk food, depends.) My point is, even though I don’t have an appetite sometimes, I eat because I know I need to and it’s unhealthy if I don’t. It’s just a bit frustrating why I don’t feel hungry or crave anything recently. It’s weird.

*Goes back to eating 10000 kg of food when going back home* AHA


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