Bucket list: learn different types of coffee

Haha, when it takes you literally 5 minutes to think of the post title.

So I came into a french bakery shop. This was unexpected and unplanned which is exciting. So coming in here, (here right now) I remembered why I wanted to work at Starbucks or any other authentic french café. It was because I wanted to learn how to make coffees…
Wait, let me clarify that, TO MAKE different types of coffee. I always thought of it as something that was cool and sophisticated. Come on, haven’t you always thought being a brista was kind of cool and interesting?

But let me tell you the embarassing part. So I looked at a post by someone else on the internet AFTER ordering a macchiato. The blog post title was I think “Are you sure you want a macchiato?” I read it briefly. It totally made sense. I searched this after I had a sip of my macchiato. I thought it was odd because it was so bitter. I’m too used to the caramel macchiato from starbucks which is completely different because its actually different from the real deal. So my point is, the blog post that I read stated that a lot of people don’t actually know what macchiato is, they expect the really sweet kind from starbucks. *cough, me, cough*

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to add milk



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