I was actually excited for my 2nd year in university. I still am, somewhat. But I really want some break. I was at school since my first year here because I also took two terms of summer courses. So it’s been non-stop studying and looking at textbooks. @@

I mean, it’s nice because I still had like a week or two in between semesters to go back home, but this year I REALLY want my summer break. Full four months of summer. Especially because there’s so many things I want to do. I need to de-stress. And I need to detox. lol. So that I can come back fully charged.

I actually thought about taking another summer course here, or back at home this summer. Because of the course conflicts, I was unable to take cell biology. Cell biology was the course I wanted to take because I was worried it might conflict with my courses again for next year. I checked the pre-requisites for other courses that might need me to have cell biology beforehand,  but it seems like its okay for me to take it next year. 🙂 Pretty happy about that because I don’t want to take any summer courses this time if I can avoid it.

Oh and P.S: I’m thinking of minoring in French!

P.S.S: Midterms this week eek.


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