New Years Resolution

My new years celebration wasn’t as “exciting” as one might call it but I enjoyed it. 🙂 I watched Mockingjay part 2 with my sister and before, played by the arcade. I won a chicken keychain from playing tetras. haha.

Happy new years to anyone reading this. I hope for all the good health, luck, and happiness to all my family and friends this year!

Perhaps I should’ve wrote the new years resolution before new years day…but there’s always a first. I’m not confident on meeting all the goals for the following list but as always, I shall do my best. Besides, this way I have something to look back on by the end of the year of 2016.

  1. Make healthier choices. Seriously, I need to eat more fruits and vegetables. And 2.0L of water intake daily. (Andd exercise…?)
  2. “look with your eyes, not from behind” (less technology, more of life) <- let me clarify. This doesn’t really make sense because I translated it from a different language. Basically means enjoy things in life with your eyes rather than with you facing the camera (so the the back of your head is facing the statue or whatever). I learned it from my uncle. It’s true. I want to be on my phone less and perhaps camera too. Like instead of taking thousands of photos of the fireworks, enjoy it. Which I have a hard time doing… lol
  3. Sleep reasonable amounts. I tend to not sleep or sleep too much where people think I died. When I’m at school, I tend to sleep 4 to 6 hours. When I’m on break from school, I sleep 8 to 10 hours. It ranges too much… My goal from now is 7 to 8 hours, daily. I started using an app to try to fix my sleeping schedule and to get into bed by 11pm and get up by 7am.
  4. Focus better, and change study technique if I have to. I feel like I need to change the way I study but I don’t want to because I’m terrified by the fact that I might do worse. That’s why I always stick to the way I study but I think I’ll change that up starting this semester.
  5. Study more frequently. Study lecture material earlier before exams rather than focusing more on assignment and lab materials. No further explanation needed.
  6. Work and travel. This year, instead of doing summer courses, I want to work to save up and go somewhere. I’m thinking of either earning enough for the entire family to go to Hawaii, go somewhere myself (lol), or save up for something big the following year.
  7. Walk/exercise outside with my dog more often. I want to walk or exercise outside with my dog more often in the summer after I finish second term. So particularly from May to August.
  8. Now, not later. Stop with the procrastination.
  9. Try to be understanding, and stop letting small things get to your head. I tend to overthink about the smallest matters, so this year instead, focus on the bigger picture. Don’t waste yo time girl.

There’s probably more but for now that’s all I’m going to write.

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