Earthquake in BC

Ever since the update, I’m confused once again on what to press. I wasn’t even sure where the post button was when I was writing on WordPress through my laptop. I was so used to writing on the iPad but now it looks a little different and I’m feeling uncomfortable. Anyways.

“I like how we’re the only idiots that go online after an earthquake lol #zombieapocolypse #checkfbfirst”

– directly quoted from my friend (haha)

I was literally lying in bed and I was …shaking. And I was like why am I shaking? And the 4.8 earthquake was over before I even realized it was an earthquake. My sister said it felt like 30 seconds. I wanted to go to the bathroom so I went upstairs. My mom and my sister were both up from the earthquake and they said it was in the news. My room is in the garage because my dad built it. We were originally going to keep it as a small storage room but made it bigger to make an actual room. Since I’m away throughout the semesters at my school, my sister had her own room upstairs. My stuff are in her room but basically, her room. And my room actually doesn’t really feel like it’s part of the garage because it’s not as crowded as I thought it would be. I don’t live among mountains of boxes. Haha. Only downside is that there isn’t a window. And you know how much I love rooms or places with huge windows.

My sister said she got like a bunch of texts and notifications after that earthquake from her friends. So I checked Facebook too and messaged my friends. I think we all had the same reaction and mix of emotions. Scared and confused. Apparently it exploded on Twitter. I verified that. Very true. There’s like a bunch of hashtags that are trending. I don’t really use Twitter and I made it late, I think on the last year of high school actually. I made it to stay in contact with my friends in Japan mostly. Most people in Japan use Twitter more than Facebook I think, or at least my friends there. Seriously though, earthquake reminded me of Japan because when we lived there, we used to experience them more frequently. (Small ones, not big ones. Just to clarify.) 

Well, that’s sort of a freaky, scary, and awesome thing that happened before the year was over. (Awesome because it wasn’t anything serious and no one was hurt.)

I’m hoping that was a good sign for the start of 2016. 😊


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