Can someone just come and give me a dash of optimism or something please. (Lol, that doesnt even make sense.) A lot of things happened and I cant comprehend. All the artist I want to go see are coming to where I live, NOT where I am right now, in residence. Its a 5 hour drive and Im still bummed about how Troye Sivan is coming literally like 5 days before my reading break. 😭 I was like noooooo. I was planning on going regarding the fact that its a long drive back home. But its on a Wednesday and I have my schedule set so I have a lab on tuesday so that would mean I would leave at night on tuesday and skip lectures on wednesday and leave before Thursday morning for class. But more importantly I realized that I might have a midterm around that time. So I had to bail out. Really wanted to go. Told my friends to get me an autograph if theyre able to do meet and greet with him though! And im praying that he performs at the Squamish music festival which HOPEFULLY THIS year I would be able attend.

Another thing, I think freaking out would be an understatement because I have 4 finals in the first week of finals and I have 3 of them…CONSISTENTLY. One Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Im studying but still freaking out.

Oh and I just had a lab exam. Actually, no, I dont even want to talk about that.

And I started last weekend with a huge pain, headache, and cramp.

Well at least I survived ✌
Cant wait for official winter break and christmas.


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