What did you daydream about today

Oh woah daydream? Hmm… I was in the library studying for the midterm. I guess I daydreamed about paying off my student loans? Haha ohhhhhh and going to Bahamas. I saw a few pictures of celebrities on instagram in Bahamas and made me really jealous. I want to work so I can take all my family (INCLUDING MY DOG) to Bahamas. Turns out the cheapest to the capital of bahamas is around $1000. So that much per person. (Can I even…like…actually…like…bring my dog???) Hahaha. I must sound crazy but SHE COUNTS AS FAMILY OKAY. I think I can work and get us there for a family trip. The only problem is that doesn’t cover hotel fees and like food and I’m not sure if we would even be able to go because my parents probably have to work… hmmm… but I feel like it’ll be possible. Or I want to go there with my friends!!! And then maybe instead I can take my family to Hawaii. Or perhaps somewhere my PARENTS want to go. ♡ honestly just want to travel everywhere and even places I can’t pronounce.


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