Are you country or rock n roll?

Question of the day.
So? What are you?

Well I’m both. I listen to everything. If there was a word for liking all different genre of music, yes, I would be that. I try to listen to metal but I like reading their lyrics more than listening to them because it’s hard for me to properly hear what they’re saying because they’re kind of screaming. Honestly, if my English professor didn’t make us read this book, and talked about it in lecture, I don’t think I would’ve even tried to like metal. He said that their lyrics are actually very meaningful because some of them talks about feminism and social norms. Which I thought was pretty cool. I’m not saying all metal songs talk about society and all those political things in life but they do! And they’re opposite of mainstream and popularity based so that’s also kind of cool as well.
But yes, I listen to both country, rock n roll and a lot of other genre of music. I just want to go to a lot more concerts. Well, when I have money. Haha. *cries*


3 thoughts on “Are you country or rock n roll?”

  1. As you yourself like to say that you like everything, I do as well. Only for me, it’s not really the words that speak to me, but the emotion portrayed by the music.

    My old iPod (before it broke) contained music from Beethoven (Classical), Children of Bodom (Metal), to Kelly Clarkson (Pop), to Eminem (Rap).

    I myself am a song writer, so what makes a good song for me, regardless of the genre, is if the music as well tells and matches the story of the lyrics.

    (Random side note, not all metal has screaming in the voices, and some of these metal singers actually have such an amazing vocal range and depth of music knowledge)

    So for example.

    Iced Earth ~ Metal Band (this vocalist is actually really amazing and has such an amazing vocal range. I think you might like them)
    They once came out with a song where the main character of the story was thought to be dead, and all his loved ones can never know that he’s alive. This character then sees his ex lover, that he wanted to marry, happy and in love… With his best friend.
    So now, if you put yourself in those shoes
    What would you do? How would you feel?
    In the song he sings, “She’s happy and in love… In love with my best friend..”
    But what got to me was, when this singer sang the word friend, it actually sounds like his voice is cracking, like he wants to break down and cry. And right when that happens, a simple guitar comes in wavering gently from the top , and just carries that emotion so perfectly (in my opinion of course).

    Once heard a song where he found out his girl was cheating on him cause he saw the car parked in the driveway
    And right before he gets his gun from his glove compartment. He takes a moment to think about what he’s about to do. He decides to drive away instead, and as he looks through the the rear view, he hears her voice in the back of his head, haunting him saying, “spend some time with me”

    Sorry for the long side tangent
    But I just love music
    Hope this wasn’t a boring read, and hope all is going great!

    ~Abraham Castaneda
    Masterfully Using Sounds Inspiring Creativity

    1. No, not a boring read at all! Its actually pretty cool because I’ve never thought of it that way. I was never really interested in metal music until my prof was talking about it, and now I think its even more cool because I can listen to them from a new perspective! I’ll definitely check them out, iced earth. If you have more suggestions please let me know! And I actually think it was pretty awesome that you took your time to comment on this topic. You’re kind of awesome and thank you! šŸ˜€

      1. Why thank you!
        And I’m glad you didn’t find it boring

        I’ll be glad to introduce you to more music!

        And I’d love to give you a more detailed response
        But, it is about 2:30am right now, and my brain isn’t all the way on right now, so sorry if some of this isn’t making any sense right now.

        So give me a day or 2, and I’ll be sure to respond better.
        Till then, hope your weekend is going great!

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