Halloween is great but….

Yesterday was halloween and it was also daylight savings (so turned back the clock for an hour at 2am). My friend was sick and I didn’t really do anything except dress up as vampire. Basically studied in the library especially because of midterms. *cries* I couldn’t focus after dinner ’cause my head hurt. I like halloween but didn’t dress up last year so took the opportunity to be something this year. But honestly, I saw this on the internet yesterday and I give the halloween’s cutest costume to this kid right here,


So halloween is great but I’m more excited for christmas. I don’t think I was ever a huge holiday person but this year I’m so excited lol. I don’t even know why. Well, it’s not even December yet I’ve already decided what to get my parents. I also think I have an idea of what to get my sister. (Even though I told her let’s get each other stuff on boxing day instead. Haha)

53 days until Christmas! Yay ♡


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