Youtube at the library

*quickly try to mute my phone”

This actually happened 2 minutes ago. Im at the quietest place in the library too. Theres like two other people. One person is pretty far but the other person heard and faced this way lol. I said sorry and the person said its all good lol. Omg so embarassing.

Well, that was the highlight of my day. Woot.

I tried to change the theme for my blog and didnt really like any other ones. And I deleted a few pages but didnt manage to organize them. Still in the process of doing that instead of writing. Unfortunately, because I was doing that, and enjoying my time, I didnt really get to write about the nice weekS I had until now. I went to the art museum with my friends when I went home, which was AMAZING. ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVEEED IT. The paintings were cool and wanted to take more pictures at this overhead projection room. I wanted one for a while because I thought it’ll be cool to have one but they’re pretty expensive so I dont think thats ganna happen for a while now. Haha. I guess thats on my check-it-out list for boxing day.

ANYWAYS, back on campus, back to school and back to loads of work and started the new blog before I left back for school. I’m doing with my sister but didnt even plan/set it up properly yet.


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