Poetry Class

They offer a poetry course at my school.

I WANT TO TAKE IT SO BADLY. Sadly, (extremely sadly…) English is one of my weakest subjects. I don’t like everything about the English course, it’s mainly poetry and maybe some other stuff that I like. They offer the poetry course in both semesters and my schedule fits with both of them. Unfortunately, I’m still having a debate with myself whether I should take it or not because I know (FOR SURE) that it will bring my GPA downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. (See how I emphasized that word?) I’m leaning towards second term more if anything because I think I’m already taking five courses first semester. I wanted to take astronomy so I registered for second term, but I actually wanted to take the first basic astronomy which has all the intergallic, galaxy and more things I’m interested in. The second astronomy sounds pretty cool too, but at the same time sounds like it has more to do with physics than the first astronomy course.

I think I’ll register for the poetry course for the second term and change it before second term starts. Until then, I have time to think about it.


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