Account theme: Aquatic and Celestial things (…and time…and bohemian? omg)

Hmm… I wouldn’t really say I started liking aquatic and celestial things recently.

I’ve always liked those kind of things since I was little. I’ve always liked looking at the stars and the moon. I was always saving pretty looking photos of the sky full of stars and constellation and stuff like that. (I’ve recently developed interests in horoscopes and more constellations though.) I think it’s also because my parents and relatives always bought me picture books and stories based on constellation and horoscopes. (I hope I still have them even after moving so many times…I know one book was nearly falling apart.) I also remember liking the story about the zodiac. Even most of my favorite english words are related to celestial things. Galaxy, milky way, stars, moon, sun, (damn it, I like the name of every planet haha,) extraterrestrial, intergalactic. Some of my favorite words are actually from Katy Perry’s lyric for “E.T.” Cute aliens look cool but I don’t really like the ones that show up in hardcore sci-fi films. (Like where they’re skins are folding, or they’re brains are popping out halfway…I hope real aliens don’t look like that.) The cute aliens I’m taking about are these.

(Photo disclaimer…HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!)

I think these are cuter than the original characters from Monster Inc. movie. hehe.

(None of the photos from this post will be my photos… so… DISCLAIMER. If they are my photos, I will state! So if I didn’t state… not my photo. Yeah. Okay.)

I also think the android green alien emoji is pretty likable. And the Brandy Melville alien shirt.

(Photo disclaimer…That alien logo~ and I have that shirt!)

Well, either way, I personally don’t think our predicted physical appearance for aliens would look like that or the way they appear in the sci-fi movies. (What if they look identical to humans? Holy, that might be even more spooky.)

The roman or greek mythology was more my sister’s thing but I’m starting to get interested in those too. All the gods and goddess’s names I can never remember but they sound very…beautiful. (When I was little, I liked moon goddess’s roman name Diana, because I always thought it sounded pretty close to my name. haha although there’s more “beautiful” sounding names too.) Speaking of “beautiful” sounds, French sounds very fancy and elegant.

Which reminds me, one of my all time favorite singer, Ariana Grande has been mentioning one of my favorite word moonlight and she’s been posting a fair bit things in relation to moons and stars. (I wonder if she’ll mention more words like starlight and moonshine.) She’ll be releasing a new album titled Moonlight apparently and obviously I am more than excited to hear it. (Excited would be an understatement. Her voice is AMAZING and the song and album title? I’m so HYPED.) I already heard some korean songs titled (partially had the words,) moonlight and or starlight (ohhhh a song called Back In Time was REALLLLY GOOD TOOO) and really liked them for a while. (Had those lyrics stuck in my head.) Oh no, I really liked time related things too like roman numerals on clocks and watches, and the word Father time. (What is wrong with me today?)

There’s a movie that has a theme how “time waits for no one”. It was a great movie.

Ooops, getting off topic a little bit.

And lastly I was taken to huge aquarium in Japan when I was like five I believe(?) and liked aquatic things ever since. I absolutely LOVE IT when aquariums have those glass tunnels. (If you know what I mean…or do all aquariums have that? I think I’ve been to a tiny aquarium that I wasn’t too fond of because they had more amphibians than aquatic creatures. Well, actually I liked them too.) I still remember going crazyyyyy when I saw the square polka dot fish that was yellow. I thought they were so tiny and cute and I remember filming them from every angle I could possibly reach.


(Photo disclaimer…Oh, called Polka-dot boxfish)

hmm…For some reason I remember they were cuter. (haha) Or at least I thought they would be cuter before looking at them now. I guess my perspective(?) changed a bit. I liked the aquarium in Hawaii even though it wasn’t one of the biggest ones I’ve been to. (Aw man, now I really want to go to an aquarium again. But I’m broke. Maybe after I save up a bit.) The little mermaid was my all time favorite disney princess, I remember that for sure. I still think she’s my favorite. (Nope, I’m not a university student, I’m not too mature for this yet. I like Elsa from frozen too though…Eh, who says you’re too old for disney anyway.) I have a video of me as a toddler standing on a wooden table singing to the part Ariel was losing her voice with a plastic mic. Yup, always liked singing and it ALLLL started because I really liked the mermaid disney princess.

Which reminds me, I like and tried to collect seashells but never did. I do have some seashell jewelry and things like that back at home though. I love things that have ocean scent. Ocean scented body scrub from Lush. Oh my goodness…

Isn’t it ironic though? When you really go to the ocean you smell these seaweed like salty smell. But in stores and beauty product selling places, the ocean scented things smell…pleasant. (So technically, they don’t actually smell like the ocean but we interpret the smell of them as “Ocean”…huh.)

ummmm…. what else… I like bohemian fashion. I really like cool designed blankets and tapestries. I also like masquerade masks, and geometric pictures or designs.

hmm…anything else?

So the real reason I’m writing all this is because I wanted to write a bit about myself and wanted to take a break from chemistry for a bit. And I wanted to write some random shit… haha

Holyyyyyyyyyy. Over 1000 words in this one post. Okay officially too long, bye.

*Peace sign*


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