5 senses; Obsession with photography

OMG, I think I have a 5th sense.

I want to take photos. The camera on my phone isn’t bad but I want to use the camera that I have back at home.

My “the-need-to-take-photos” senses are tingling.

Is there a term for being obsessed with photography? Because whatever it is, I think I might have it. I sort of like editing photos too. I learned a lot of that in high school and I enjoyed it a lot. Even though focusing on the computer screen for too long can really give you a headache.


I just searched up if there’s a word for being obsessed with taking photos and whatnot from “reverse dictionary” and most of the time, they give you a whole bunch of words that can be related to your search keywords and the first word from the list that I saw was,


haha that’s pretty funny. Well yeah I guess I am. I prefer the word dedicated but sure, I’m crazy in a lot of other ways anyways.

Come on, it wouldn’t be interesting if I was NOT crazy now, would it?


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