Electronics over stuffed animals

Nowadays, I think it’s pretty sad to realize that kids prefer (or just get) electronics over things like stuffed animals. I still don’t know if getting your hands on electronics at such a young age is good. Debatable I guess?
Still, when I was younger, I grew up playing with them instead of electronic devices. (Well I didn’t play with them, I just threw them into the air and wall and punched and cuddled with them I think. Lol.) Now that electronics are so common, it seems like they are the new norm for entertainment. But come on, stuffed animals are so cute and awesome. I remember even in elementary school, I was trading stickers with the other kids. (In Japan and in Canada.) What happened to those?! I think electronics are handy and we are definitely in a generation where we need to know how to use them for different purposes. But I also strongly believe that it’s important to enjoy and appreciate the simpler things from a younger perspective too. Not just the simplest forms of entertainment but also simple things (in life) in general…

Here’s the picture again hehe


(Tsum tsum)


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