Last day of May! Pt. 2

It’s June 1st in a few hours. Woah.

It’s actually my friends birthday today. YAY happy birthday to her!!

It’s also the day my loaf of bread expires. BOO


It was also my birthday a few days ago and I am officially 20! Realizing that I’ve lived on this planet for 20 years feels weird. *awkward way to relate…* Huge thanks to my parents for taking care of me for 20 years! haha. I think it’s pretty cool that everyone celebrates their own birthday but I think it’s also important to thank your parents for giving you life, for giving you the chance to live on this strange planet. (OK, the way I wrote this post already makes it sound like I’m an extraterrestrial creature from a different planet…)

My roommates woke up at 9am on a sunday to put signs on my door saying happy birthday. (Dude, that’s like a big deal okay, come on.) We ate sushi the day after my birthday to celebrate because we all had our midterm.

Which reminds me, I’m living with two other roommates. They’re funny, kind and eh pretty cool I guess. haha, just kidding, they are. I got nervous on the first day of meeting one of my roommates because I had no idea who she was. I only knew her name. I was also scared that our first meeting would be awkward and all that jazz. We got along pretty well first from the start and my other roommate, friend that I already knew, moved in the very next day.

We live in a four bedroom suite. There’s the living room, kitchen and four bedrooms. Surprisingly, we were fortunate to get the place all to ourselves. Originally, it should be four people sharing the four bedroom suite. Unforunately, we don’t have access to the fourth room. Apparently, that room is supposed to be the biggest room. I’m not completely sure if that’s true though.

My summer is pretty good so far. It’s fun and enjoyable. Not as stressed as during the rest of the year so even better. (Well… actually, debatable because it’s a fast paced course *cries*)


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