Last day of May! Pt.1

I finished my first year of second term on the last week of April.

Yay summer vacation.

Just kidding, I’m taking summer courses.

*Good bye youth, good bye summer*

Well, I’m actually taking organic chemistry. May to August. There’s two terms being offered at my school during the summer. So, organic chemistry is apparently the hardest course known to 21st century, post-secondary students. (haha) I think I underestimated the power of organic chemistry. It’s not easy and I was originally planning on taking like another course with it for second term of summer. I think I’ll have to stick with just one course each term. I personally enjoy labs and chemistry so it’s not that bad. Not at all. However, since its during the summer and its a fast pace, I do labs twice every week. I can’t get as much help as I used to because there’s not TA schedules during the summer. The organic chemistry prof that I have currently is absolutely amazing though. I like the way he teaches. He goes back and forth between the slides but if you know what he’s trying to emphasize on, it’s easy to understand. He also mentions all the things that we should already know from first year, not because he thinks we’re dumb (oh wait, maybe he does…), but because he wants to expand on the topic that he is talking about. Also because it clarifies and reminds us how they relate from the concepts from the first year.

It’s definitely not easier than first year chemistry course but I still find it enjoyable.

(And let’s hope it continues that way.)

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