10 minutes before next class

I just finished my last biology midterm.
I came out feeling okay. I didn’t think it was easy though. I’m hoping I did better than the last midterm. I admit, I panicked a bit for the first quarter of the midterm. Usually when I write a midterm or an exam, it starts off easy and gets a bit harder. However, for this one it was the opposite. Maybe it was because of the version of midterm that I had? Hmm.

Like most of the time I double checked (well triple check actually lol) my answers since I had time. I forgot to properly thank our professor for this semester. I should do that when I go pick up the midterm.

Honestly though, he is probably the nicest, and most friendly professor on campus. I’m hoping I have him for my future courses.

(I’ve been questioning about my future choices like a billion times lately though. I have the urge to visit the academic advisor multiple times. And why hasn’t the chemistry department emailed me back yet? *mumble mumble*)


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