I quadruple checked that my Facebook private setting is on private and everything. Lol. Facebook says messenger doesn’t access anything on our phone and stuff but I don’t trust that completely. I have trust issues. I got it on my iPad but still, not way I’m getting it on my phone. It’s not like I have anything hiding or worth looking at on my phone. It’s just I don’t like the idea of not having privacy no matter what the conditions are. Don’t want to be in like a society from the book, “Brave New World.” (Surveillance and everything.)

I thought of putting my Instagram account to private too. But maybe I’ll do that later. Because if I do private it, it kind of contradicts with the fact of me trying to improve my thoughts on zoning out the opinion and thoughts of others.

Hmm … Sounds like such negative posts lately…
Let’s write something a bit more on the bright side. Hahaha.


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