“Stay a rested”

Have you heard anyone in your life say, “It’s okay, stay a rested”? I have no idea why but I have. I dont know from whom but I did hear it a few times. And I know that it makes no grammatical sense.

So I’m talking about this because it’s bugging me. I can’t seem to find anything about it on Google. Probably because it makes no sense.

Well. Horrible decision. I asked my math prof a question. He’s a really nice guy. And really funny. One of the most liked math profs from my university. Anyways, he said he was tired and did a terrible job at lecture today because he was saying one thing but his hands were writing another.

So when he sighed I told him to STAY A RESTED. WHICH ACTUALLY SOUNDS LIKE STAY ARRESTED. I realized two seconds after I walked away. I feel like I shouldve turned around and told him I cant speak English or something BECAUSE APPARENTLY I CAN’T. OMG. I have problems… *cries* feel so bad. Hope he thinks he misheard instead of misunderstanding what I MEANT to say. Wahhh. 😭


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