I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but I am absolutely in love with tapestries. They are designed fabric/blanket that you can use to hang it up on the wall. But honestly, they can literally be used for bunch of other stuff. You can use them for a picnic table, scarf, beach blanket, cardigan (?) Haha. (I’m definitely going to use it as cardigan because it gives that bohemian look. Although it might be too big actually…)
Basically though, it is mainly for wall hanging. Decoration for your room. I finally ordered one online!


Disclaimer. Photo from Urban Outfitter’s website.

It’s really expensive. Luckily, I found it for a much cheaper price online elsewhere! DON’T YOU THINK IT’S BEAUTIFUL? LIKE I CAN’T EVEN.
But seriously, it’s been trending at a few places and I got interested and BOOM. I fell in love with them as well. From what I believe (don’t quote me on this,) I think they are originated from India. Mine is shipped from India. ♡ Hehe.
I’m probably going to purchase more in the future. I already want this zodiac designed tapestry as well. Lol.
But maybe next time because tuition payment comes first.
Gonna save up some money.


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