After dentist

So I had cavities, (no surprise, was told my teeth were very weak and sensitive LONG time ago) and came back from the dentist a few minutes before sitting down and ordering food from Dairy Queen restaurant nearby.

The dentist and his assistant were both really friendly and funny. Always enjoy talking to people working at the dentist. As usual, asked about education and dental schools. Also tried to congratulate the dentist who was filling my teeth because he said he just had a child, thats why he likes taking Fridays off more than any other days. We laugh when I reacted and tried to say something when he mentioned his child. He understood, laughed and said thanks after I almost choked trying to congratulate him.

The assistant apparently finished 14 months of college at a different province and was working by the age of nineteen. So lucky. I’m so jealous. Not only jealous because of that but also because she knew what she wanted to do right after high school and was loving her job currently. Haha she’s so sweet too. She said she thinks its great that I’m thinking of going into Pharmacy. Great field.

I woke up late so I didnt get breakfast. Especially because right after two of one and a half hour lecture I had to catch the bus so I could get to the dentist on time set by the appointment. So now, I’m sitting here finishing my fries. (Burger, drink, fries and a sundae for $6! Yay for a broke student like me. Especially because I love ice cream…too much….haha) I had trouble eating my burger. Wasnt sure if I was getting sauce and food bits all over my mouth. (I think I was.) My lips on one side is still pretty numb so I can’t eat properly. Or at least doesn’t feel like I’m eating properly. And I burned my tongue yesterday from drinking soup at like 2am last night. Planning on finishing this, then get my ice cream and get out of here. Lol.

I still have to finish my English essay which I am not confident about because I love writing but I am terrible at it. (Well, you can probably tell from reading this cant you? Haha.) I do plan on making a new category for my essays and or research essays though. Write essays for fun? What? Haha. Yeah, I actually came to love writing essays. The only reason I dont really like writing essays for school is because I have to worry about getting them graded. I might not be good at writing them but I like it anyways. I dont care when people tell me when my writing is bad. I actually like it. (Lol) Because I like getting other peoples perspective and i can learn from it.
THE ONLY TIME I dont like people telling me my writing is bad is when they dont tell me or give me a reason WHY. Because if you dont tell me why, its like, “Are you TRYING to insult me?” Hahaha. I can learn WHY it was terrible and fix it and as I go from you’re perspective if you tell me. If not, I would just think you’re being biased or something. Thats why on English essays, I like professors/teachers who write all over them. If they just give me a letter grade without explanation and not a single scribble or any corrections, its just upsetting and I mumble how lazy they might be. Although I did come to understand that its not easy marking so many essays all at once CAN make your brain feel like jello because my first semester professor told us that while explanation about thesis to AVOID. Haha.

And last semester chemistry lab, after writing formal labs, I realized I kind of like writing research essays. (I think I would like writing research essays for biology a bit more though.) Since I did like writing those in grade eleven with the best chemistry teacher I could’ve asked for. Kind of sad that she retired and my sister doesnt get to have her. Although her science teacher she’ll have this semester is funny and pretty awesome too.

Okay, I should be finishing my essay instead of writing on my blog. Ganna get ice cream and head back. Bye.


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