Fire drill part 2

Had the fire drill again this term.
Today actually.

This time I was asleep. I wanted to train myself to (lol train myself…) wake up at 7 am from now. But woke up at 7:10am (or around there) and fell back asleep. Must’ve been because I took a nap yesterday after all my classes because I was feeling more fatigue than usual.
Anyways its frustrating because I KNEW WE WOULD HAVE THE FIRE DRILL THIS WEEK. And can’t believe I wasn’t awake for it especially because of Mt embarassing PJ too. I had time to quickly switch my pants though. The jacket I wore wasn’t big enough to cover my blue polka dot pajama top. Wahh. Embarassing. And I had ointment from the night before on my face so I thought I looked greasy but it wasn’t so bad when I checked in the bathroom after.

Anyways, that’s how my day is starting for today. Will be in my first lecture in about 30 minutes. K bye for now.


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