Wrong style of egg

Wahh 😭

The chef mixed up my order with someone else’s.
I ordered scrambled egg. But got sunny side up(?)
Everything else is good as always though. I didn’t see it because I also went to get some strawberries. (I think it might be because watermelon season was way over, they don’t taste as good as they used to.)

Wahhhhhh 😭

I don’t order sunny side up because I actually don’t like the taste of yolk (the yellow part of the egg… Had to search it up to make sure I was right.)
I can eat it but I just don’t like the taste and the texture of it. That’s why I always mix it with the white part of the egg to get scrambled or omelette. Because when you do mix them together, it doesn’t taste like yolk anymore.

I only order breakfast from the cafeteria because it’s good and I’m probably not interested in lining up for anything else or likely got tired of anything else because I ate too much of it. Otherwise, I go to the salad bar or grab a pre packed sandwich. Hehe, so I exaggerated with the crying emoji haha so I actually really don’t mind. This is the first time it happened anyways.

Oh wait.

Maybe that’s why the girl behind me was looking at my container.
Oops. Sorry, I failed to realize that. I should’ve asked her if she wanted to trade the eggs. (But then again that sounds a bit weird. Doesn’t it?)

…can I imagine myself asking if she wants to trade the eggs back and fishing the egg out with my fork.

Yeah. I think I can. Lol but I think that would’ve been embarrassing. (I probably would’ve popped the egg.)

Ehh on the other hand, I got to try a different style of egg.
I think I’ll stick to scrambled egg though.
And to the girl, I’m sorry about that, I’m actually known to be pretty dense and slow at realizing things.


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