Winter vacation 2014

When my first semester was over, I was so happy (was in state of euphoria.)
I got to spend it with ma family. Haha.

First week, our aunt was there so we went to the states and did a lot of shopping. Surprisingly, I didn’t really buy anything besides chocolate and a pair of pants. That’s it. I thought I was excited to shop too.
We even went into some brand stores that I liked but I only looked at the glamorous products because I didn’t want to pay the amount written on the price tags. (Well… This happens all the time anyways.) I also didn’t feel the need to buy anything in particular aside from a pair of pants and long sleeves so I can wear them underneath.

I really don’t like the cold okay, that’s why I feel the need to wear like three pairs of socks underneath my boots. And I wear leggings underneath as well. I don’t know how some people don’t freeze when they are only wearing like one piece of clothing. Because I also wear tank tops and long sleeve when I’m wearing a sweater. I might as well look like a balloon that’s been blown up with air. I think I mentioned this before but I absolutely love the scenery of snow and playing in it sometimes. Otherwise, I don’t like snow. Dangerous too you know.

Uh-oh getting off topic… Kind of…

So I didn’t buy much and we were planning on going Boxing Day shopping but ended up staying home. Christmas too, we just spent most of the day at home. We went to Cora and the Keg though!

I got a bad fever on Christmas (I know like what.) and I still had a pretty bad throat on Boxing Day. Now that I think about it, I did go Boxing Day shopping. I went with my sister and my mom. My sister decided to stay in the car because she realized she wasn’t too interested and me and my mom went into the Gap and I bought a skirt. And then decided to just go back because we didn’t want my sister to stay in the car by herself for too long. My throat was really keeping me from wanting to shop anyways.

I went downtown with my sister a few times! We honestly just went to eat even though we had the intention to buy good sale items in stores.

After our aunt left, I had a week before school and just stayed home. Because that’s all I wanted to do. Too lazy because of my throat and wasn’t feeling too energetic. I didn’t even have time to hang out with my friends that much. Even my best friend, I only saw her like three times even though she lives like three minutes (seconds? Lol) away from me.

I met my friend who now goes to a school in Toronto. She took me to a hot pot place and omg, I didn’t think it would be that good. (Perhaps I was craving for warm food?) At first I was a bit hesitant because I’ve never been there. But I actually liked it so much that I might ask my parents to take me there again. Haha. We also went to a cafe afterwords. Omg I suggested the idea because when we went last time, I really liked this honey bread, it was pretty sweet but it was good. I especially liked the fizzy blue lemonade. We shared but I almost died of stomach explosion. At least I thought I would. We talked a lot about school and other stuff. It was nice. Then we went home because she had to go somewhere with her parents I think.

I also met up with my closest friends. We went downtown, ate, talked most of the time, and shopped a bit. It was great because I don’t remember what we talked about but I do remember laughing a lot and realizing that I lost my voice the next day. Met a new friend (whose name I still don’t know if I’m pronouncing right) and I was envious that her and my other friend there were able to hang out together. Because I wanted to hang out with my friends from my school as well. The problem is I don’t know if we’re close enough to hang outside of school. Haha. Especially when we are a bit far away from each other. I hope I make friends who are from where I’m from this term. Haha. Also met up with a friend who went to LA with us and we played this card game at her house. It was extremely fun. Especially because some of them didn’t even make sense. But that’s sort of what made it funny. It didn’t make sense but it sounded funny when you put the words together. (You know? AHAHAHA) we had pizza and decided to get home when it got late. My friend gave me a ride home.

Lastly I also met up with my three friends at the mall. I don’t think we actually wanted to shop because we couldn’t think of anything else to do. I also know that we actually like shopping by ourselves because I think the same reason that I have, I get shopping done faster and get to see more when I’m shopping by myself. Or I like shopping with my mom because I just do. It’s funny how apparently most of the kids don’t like shopping with their mom in public because of embarrassment and it’s the mom who wants the shop with their kids. For my case, it was the opposite for a while. When I was in middle school, I was embarrassed to go shopping with my mom. But in high school I liked shopping with my mom and my mom didn’t really want to go shopping with me because I took forever sometimes. I’m a VERY VERYYY indecisive person. No joke. One time I stayed in one store for two hours staring at a pair of earrings thinking whether I should buy them or not. Hey, I wanted to use my money wisely okay. Wasn’t sure if I wanted it to that extent to pay that price or save the money. I ended up putting it down. I saved the money but I sure wasted my time. (And I learned my lesson, time is money too.) We went to Jugo juice, sat down and talked. We also talked about university. I was surprised (actually a bit more then surprised) to find out that one of my friends there also wants to go into the Pharmacy program. [Because… Because because because omg, why am I using so much because. My paragraphs (oh what paragraphs? Lol getting too long) are full of them. (Also the word “actually”… Wow how great am I.) ]
Because I thought when I told her that I wanted to go into the pharmacy program In secondary, she told me eww that sounds boring. <— okay that sounds more offensive when I write it down compared hearing it. She was joking I think(?) and my friends joke like this anyways. Ahahaha (no but we're joking) Or maybe it wasn't her? Oh wait, maybe it was someone else. Haha I don't remember because a lot of people said this to me. People say pharmacy is probably just standing around and stuff. But I didn't really get offended or mind because it's something I wanted to do. My choice, my life, and didn't really care what others thought haha. Besides, I've done work experience similar to it and I loved it. It was intriguing. More importantly, I think it's great that she also wants to get into the program as well. Best luck to both of us.

I think I also watched movies and adventure time on the couch with my dog because I didn't want to move. My headache got worse after a few hours of TV. I got used to it later I think haha. Well I know that I wanted to stay home and relax because I didn't feel like walking and originally wanted to do a lot of DIYs but that didn't work out because procrastination and laziness.

It was a nice, relaxed, family and friends quality time. I wish it was longer so I can just chill with my dog a bit more as well.

I'm going to stop here because that's really all about my winter vacation and this post is too long, k bye.


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