19 hours of no sleep

I must say, I felt so sleep deprived 3 hours before. Especially because I was sitting in class.

In the warm class.
With my warm jacket on.
All cozy.

Its not even an exaggeration, I didn’t sleep last night. For real.

But just about an hour ago, got all hyped up talking about bunch of random stuff with my friend. Haha.

ANYWAYS, I’m writing to to you dear future me.
I’ve started to get out of the habit of not leaving anything until the last minute. But these formal lab reports, took longer than 2 days! Oh my lord. Lot longer than I expected. I learned my lesson.

So note to myself, when something is assigned, do it as soon as possible. (So that you can at least get an idea of how long the assignment and studying (?) will take.

K. Finally done lectures, labs, tutorial and basically all classes for today. Finally some time.

K ganna take a power nap. (Catching-up-on-my-sleep nap. Lol)


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