Hair before and after

I got my hair done yesterday!! Haha, to be honest, I don’t think I’m totally in love with my ambrè because my hair is now short. The hair stylist was wonderful and really nice though! Besides, I wanted a bit of change. I was getting bored of the same hair. (Well, different colours of dip dye but still a DIP DYE. Lol)

Its also been a while since I’ve had my hair not trimmed and just cut (like linearly if that makes sense.) My hair is thick so I don’t like having my hair too long or NOT getting trimmed. So I think I might go get it trimmed in about a month.

In addition, its only hair, they are going to grow anyways. Haha. Besides, my split ends were REALLY bad. Now that there’s less hair, I seem to be shedding less. Hahahaha. (OMG I’m a dog.)

So here is my before and after photo.




I’m thinking of growing out my hair and keeping this hair for a while. Maybe for one or two years? Depends on how fast my hair grows. And then I might want to dye the ombrè parts of my hair grey. Then after that, perhaps back to turquoise or a different colour. Hehe.
I know I want black hair with tint of blue for sure, so I’ll probably, most likely get that done during my lifetime.

Haha, I know, already have my hair style all planned out.

…even though my life really isn’t quite planned out yet like my hair is… *cries* hahaha


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