Breakfast at Starbucks


So I finished all my midterms! (Yay finally!) I had nine midterms this term because there was two midterms for each course except for English.

First year taking sciences.
Remember how stressful it was? Haha.

Anyways, today…- no, yesterday, I decided to go downtown for a day. When I got up this morning, I got ready and took the bus just a bit past 9am. I wanted to come early to take pictures because it’s really pretty. There’s like a lake with sand on the other side so it looks like a really nice beach. (…or maybe it IS a beach… haha not quite sure because I don’t come out too often.) But after I finished taking pictures, I wanted to walk around and walk into the stores nearby. Turns out they were still closed because it was too early…

Although I took some pictures, I didn’t like the lighting because it was too cloudy. I was hoping for a bit of sun shine too. The lighting here gets perfect at around 4pm. (Figured that out now thinking about it ahaha.)

The only place that was open was this stores selling vintage clothes (too much for me to afford,) and a bakery store. I went into the bakery store and got some macaroons and a chocolate mousse. (Couldn’t resist despite the fact I told myself not to spend too much on food.)

I wanted to eat breakfast because I was hungry. I didn’t really want to eat macaroons (or chocolate mousse) for breakfast so I went into starbucks to get a latte. However, I completely forgot that they sold breakfast sandwiches so I got that too.

I got “classic sausage” and it was pretty good! Egg, cheese, and sausage sandwich combo is perfect for breakfast from my option. Hehe. But I think my appetite got smaller this term because after I finished the sandwich, I was REALLY full. It was very filling than it looked. So currently, I am sitting here waiting for my breakfast to digest while writing on my blog. Haha. Its really nice being able to take the time to relax and enjoy myself. Not ideal like Breakfast at Tiffany’s but close enough, and good enough for me. 🙂

(I found out that starting sentences with “so” is incorrect and informal in writing. Aha, learned it in English. And it’s funny how many mistakes I’ve made throughout my blog. There’s so much grammar and spelling mistakes. Although I know how to spell, sometimes it’s the auto correct that corrects “wrongly”. Oh, and I’m not supposed to start sentences with “and” either…oops. I’m also getting off topic again….)

I told my mom that I had breakfast at Starbucks and she told me she doesn’t like sausage. (Haha, I know mom.)

I think I’m going to head back out again. I see a book store right beside starbucks. (Ooh! I see sale signs!)

I’ll likely post more photos of the scenery that I will be taking today,… and food hehe.


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